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Current Permanet/ish Position :: Resisdent or part time
Location :: Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa

Genres :: Alternative Metal Rock E.B.M Commercial Hip Hop Reggae Ska Punk Goth 80's 60's and anything else - NO dance/rave Usually I request the event to supply me with a guideline as to what kind of style or genre they prefer me to play.

Previous Gigs :: Below is a list of venues, clubs, festivals and gigs I have DJíd at over the past 15 years. Some as a resident DJ and others just once off guest sets. The Olive Lounge (Randburg) The Doors Nightclub (Edenvale and Marshall st.) Burn Nightclub (Dbn) The Rift (Dbn) Red Door (Pmb) Tempoís Rock Garden (Kyasands) Red room (Randburg) Zeplins (Pta) Zeplins Rock Shack (Wonderboom) Icon (Jhb) Bella Napoliís (JHB) Black Dahlia (East Rand) Alcatraz (JHB) Jesters Nightclub (P.E) Cool Runnings Fourways Thornefest Headbangers Bash I & II Lucky Fish 1 & 2 Rock Bar (Melville) Woodstock 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Cat House (Glasgow , Scotland) Metro (Paris , France) Korsakoff (Amsterdam, Holland0 Viper Room (L.A , America) Electric Ballroom (Camden, London) Worlds End (Camden, London) Motherfudd Metal Festivals Slamfest 1, 2 & 3 That is just to name a few and Iím sure I have left some out

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