Dovetail Strings and Addian Plectrums

About the Products

Dovetail Strings and Addian plectrums are sold in the UK and South Africa. Strings are available only to endorsing artists but plectrums can be bought in shops too. You can get 'em at good prices by making use of this page.

Endorsing Artists

Endorsing artists are artists who continually (when they need to) purchase strings, plectrums and or T-shirts. These artists get their goods at reduced prices and are linked to as endorsing artists, we will also show endorsing artists from our community on this page, let us know!

Place an Order

To keep an air of exclusivity about it all these prices aren't published but if you login or register on this site you can view them and place an order.

How it Works

We simply put you in contact with the manufacturers of plectrums, t-shirts, electric, acoustic, classic and bass guitar strings. This saves you a fair bit of money when purchasing your stuff, to opt-in you must buy and test any five sets of strings... you thus become an endorsing artist.

Products and Services


You can order any number of sets once you've bought your initial five. You can also have other gauges made as long as you are will to order 10 or more sets and wait for them to arrive.

After purchasing your five sets you should go ahead and test them. If you like what you're hearing you can continue getting your strings at good prices.


You can get Addian plectrums in ABS, any plastic or even in silver, all at reduced prices. You can also have custom plectrums printed in batches of no less than 3000 units.


You can have top quality t-shirts printed, prices depend on the quality of the print and t-shirt, the complexity of the design and the amount you order. Please feel free to request a quote for now, we will try to get some sort of pricing scheme up soon.

Sell Your CD's and Merchandise

You can have your CD's and other merch sold at South African festivals in the Europe earning 90% commission per sale. This can be a great way to get your name out and some income in.