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Location :: Alberton, JHB, Gauteng, South Africa

Bands :: Agro, All Forlorn, Ancient Influence, And Chaos, Architecture of Aggression, Autumn Sun, Bile of Man, Conscript, Choking Hazard, Chromium, Contrast The Water, Debriis, Deity's Muse, Egregore, Empery, Erebus, Emperium, Far Beyond Driven, Fearfall, Fragmented Children, Fuck, Gadabout, Grindlock, Guernica, Gutwrench, Haggis & Bong, Hotel Head, I+on, Instrametal, Jo Day, Juggernaught, Knave, LadyAxe, L.A. Cobra, Loathed, Mazaru, Mute, New Born Fire, Nevame, Nixon Creep, Possess Ion, Psordid, Red Helen, Reverend Henry Kane, Rhutz, Sacrifist, Sathern, Soul Riot, Stigmata Dawn, The Dead Will Tell, Tony Danza, Torment, Underbelly, unforgiven Insanity, Unforsaken Truth, Unlisted, Undertone, Venality, Visus and more...

Venues :: MotherFUDD - The Gathering 2004 -
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