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Location :: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 23rd of July 2009

Bands :: Autumn of August, Betray the Emissary, Black Market Riots, Blood of Blondes, Crusade, Downonthefirst, Fearstrike, Infanteria, Inferium, Jameson Raid, JerkEyedMr, Killing Strings, Kings of Vegas, Lines of Separation, Love Immortal, Lyderkane, Matricide, Moment Of Clarity, Myesilodye, Nevermine, Original Sin, Regicide, Sere Calumet, Skyeclad, Strident, Symphonic Schizophrenia, Tailor Hill, The Sleepers, These Three Words, The Undefind, THE VULCAN NERVE PINCH, Wakato, When Karma Sleeps, Wings of Aggression, Wolven Decorum, Zenabium

Venues :: Corner Bar, Durbanville Kunskafee, Ellingtons Saloon, Eye of Horus, R.O.A.R, The Nameless Pub
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