This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Unity Gallery, The Bus Factory. 3 President St, Newtown, JHB

Starts:Saturday 28th of May 2011 at 15:00
Ends:Saturday 28th of May 2011 at 18:00

Performers:A Boy Called Wolf Ears

Info:Unity Gallery on Saturday the 28th May.

A guy. A guitar. A very good producer. It's the stuff of mythical music legends, but we all know that a quality set of songs, simply but thoughtfully put together, remains a rarity. Nonetheless, Joburg-based singer songwriter A Boy Called Wolf Ears is giving this status quo a quiet middle finger as he launches his eponymous first album.

Wolf Ears' album has been produced by the Black Hotels' Matthew Fink and is testament to the universal power of well written pop songs. The tracks are peppered with influences, from Wilco through The Shins to Manu Chao, but ultimately the influences play second fiddle to the unique melodic punch of each three minute gem – reinforced by Fink's top notch production.

From the driving stomp of opener ‘Heartbreaker’, through the love-esque bounce of ‘At the Kiosk (Boom Boom Boom Boom)’, to the alt. Country tinged lyricism of ‘Julian et Jean’, this is an album that can't be pinned down easily - and that forces an instinctive sing-along reflex.

Wolf Ears, formerly with Morphine-etched rockers Armchair Thrillers and the bluesy, sixties spirited outfit Thirteen, is a little coy about his album, but much more effusive about working with Matthew Fink.

“It was a complete pleasure working with Matthew,” he says. “He has incredible skills, and he really got the best out of each song, and out of me. The whole production experience was first class. ”

A Boy Called Wolf Ears launches his album on May 28th at Newtown's Unity Gallery – an appropriately quirky venue – with a solo acoustic set.

“The Bus Factory is a beautiful space, and Unity has always been one those incredibly interesting and eclectic arts hubs with so many different people and types of art,” says Wolf Ears. “It's going to be a uniquely Joburg type thing.”

Albums will be on sale, as well as Limited Edition Flash Drives, which include a 6-track EP entitled "A Boy Called Wolf Ears plays Ukelele" as well as other bonus material.

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