Best of Bass 3

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Black Dahlia

Starts:Saturday 19th of March 2011 at 19:00
Ends:Saturday 19th of March 2011 at 04:00

Performers:William Bishop
Of One Design
All Forlorn
Haggis and Bong

Info:Emalyth is Super Stoked to showcase the third installment of BEST of BASS.

This line up promises to showcase some of the best Metal Bassists we can find.

Confirmed Acts: *Proposed times*

20:00 Bass Solo by William Temepest Bishop

20:30 Of One Design (Rowan Powell) on Bass)

21:15 Tranquil (Jerry Basson on Bass)

22:00 All Forlorn (Marc Junius on Bass)

22:45 Haggis and Bong (Xavier Knox on Bass)

23:30 Abominor (Robert Richardson on Bass)

R50 entry


Tequilla R5.00 (7-10pm)
KWV 3year R4 a shot

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