This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.

Starts:Thursday 2nd of April 2009 at 21:00
Ends:Friday 3rd of April 2009 at 04:00

Performers:CBC, The Warinsane, Yes Sir Mister Machine

Info:CDC emerged in September 2003 from the silent suburban streets of 3 small towns in Pennyslvania, USA. Having started as a purely studio project the members decided to take the band out on the road to test audience response. The buzz around their self financed and distributed demos quickly saw CDC begin playing shows all over the east coast and soon spreading their 'crowd war' over the USA, Canada and Europe.

The band have consistently embraced the DIY way of life and have done everything on their own, never once succumbing to pressure from non-DIY record labels, booking agents and promoters. Everything CDC has, CDC has gained on their own. Never riding coattails and never sucking dick, CDC rose up and built a name solely upon desire and devotion to the music and the road.

The band have recently completed their soon to be released full length and are hitting the road again after almost 8 months off, With the tightest and most solid line up to date, the band continue their plan to carve their name deeper in everyone's minds...

Catch CDC locally fresh from their European Tour performing alongside some of South Africa's finest including Bloodline Ltd, Crossingpoint and more!

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Jimmyposted on Tuesday 24th of March 2009 at 17:35

Sure got that right son.

Ah yeah, unhostile hospitality is always called for - show 'em what's what!

I shall sure be there!

hos japosted on Tuesday 24th of March 2009 at 17:25

ROAR has got the best sound around!!!!!

Let's show the Yanks what a fucking party is about! Rock on Cape Town! Fuck the establishment!

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