downonthefirst, Black Stone Radio & Right Foot Forward

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Durbanville Kunskafee

Ends:Sunday 19th of April 2009 at 02:00

Performers:downonthefirst,right foot forward,black stone radio

Info:downonthefirst, Black Stone Radio & Right Foot Forward

Entrance R30
Strictly over 18's


Black Stone Radio
Blackstoneradio is a musical camaraderie between five individuals. Combining epic tones and melodic
vocals with captivating driving riffs, Blackstoneradio fuses 90s stoner rock with old-school, classic rock.

Right Foot Forward
With their progressive mix of funkadelic riffs, groovalicious beats, infectious melodies and other sonic treats, they offer a sound that is uniquely unique.

Durbanville Kunskafee now open 6 days a week with loads of drink specials:
Black Label R10
Double Brandy & Coke R15
Double Malibu & Coke R20
Sjhaara Shooter R8
Indigo (Vodka, PO10C + Lemonade) R20

Two full sized pool tables. Subterania Merchandise stall and Black Pearl Hair Salon now open. For info contact Carlien on 0832773484 or Inga on 0724472774

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