Erotic Monster live @ The Durex Ultimate Battle 2009

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Burn Nightclub

Starts:Saturday 12th of September 2009 at 19:00
Ends:Sunday 13th of September 2009 at 03:00

Performers:Erotic Monster
Drawn Red
Paige of State
Show and Tell
Tree Houses on the Sea

Info:FANS !!!

We are competing in the most exciting, tasty-delicious, sexy-crazy battle of the bands in SA!

The Durex Ultimate Battle 2009. Itís a national contest taking place all over the country over the next few months.

Come witness Erotic Monster blow the panties off of this event on Sat 12th Sep @ Burn. Itís an event not to be missed and hereís what you get Ö
*6 awesome local bands
*Drink specials / promotions
*Free stuff and giveaways (Weíre giving away Erotic Monster CDís to the more daring fans Ö youíll be pleasantly surprised!)
*R10 Discount at the door when you show your Erotic Monster Flyer (contact us for a flyer or print yourselves a black and white copy)
*The flyer with Erotic Monster highlighted counts as a vote for us - so get yourselves one !
*... and the usual libido recharge that Erotic Monster performances leave you with - that's free too!

Other bands competing on the night (in no particular order):

Drawn Red
Paige of State
Show and Tell
Tree Houses on the Sea

It's gonna be a cranker of an event!
R30 entry (R10 off with our flyer)

Rock 'N Roll sexy people !

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