Fuck the Vote

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.

Starts:Tuesday 21st of April 2009 at 21:00
Ends:Wednesday 22nd of April 2009 at 03:00

Performers:Azrail, Strident and a Walk With The Wicked

Info:Come and join Azrail, Strident and a Walk With The Wicked for a night of true Power and Death Metal.

Tuesday night at Gandalf's so loads of drink specials and the next day is a public holiday so you have no excuse. FREE ENTRY

Every Tuesday between 9-11pm Gandalf's bring back all there original specials with free entry.
R5 double and mix, how awesome is that.

3 beers R10
Double Brandy, Whisky or Sours R5
3 shots Sours or Summbucca R10
Jack Daniels R6
Tequila R6.
R5 Double cane and creamsoda
Plus djs and bands.

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