This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Burn Nightclub

Starts:Saturday 10th of October 2009 at 12:00
Ends:Sunday 11th of October 2009 at 03:00

Performers:Viking Records hosts GODS OF METAL!! at Burn Nightclub in Durban. An event that is going to be held every year. Hopefully to 24 bands and two stages building up to a huge festival being held for four days.Sponsors are welcome to join the metal greatness that this country and club holds

Band Lineup

13:00-Blood Drenched Homicide(might not play)
13:45-Vengeance Resides
14:30Cynical Origin
15:15-Sword Of War
16:00-Kill Full Sin
17:30-Deny The Empire
18:15-The Hollow
19:00-Theatre Runs Red
19:45-Reverend Henry Kane
20:30-Ankst (CD launch) MONUMENT
21:15-Arise To Conquer
22:00-All Forlorn
22:45-Contrast The Water
23:30-Dark Matter

Entrance is R50


5th December-Jesters Port Elizabeth
!2 December-Gandalfs/Roar Cape Town
19 December-The Black Dahlia Boksburg

We are looking for affiliates and sponsors to make this event grow
I do want to make this the greatest and biggest metal event in South Africa with hope of bringing in some international bands

Bands that will join on tour:
Warthane-Black Dahlia
Sathern-Black Dahlia
Seeds Of Cain-Jesters
Abominor-Black Dahlia
Stratica-Black Dahlia

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