Knave @ Phoenix Lounge Supported by Gnolium & Lyderkane

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Phoenix Lounge, Claremont

Starts:Wednesday 17th of February 2010 at 21:00
Ends:Thursday 18th of February 2010 at 04:00

Performers:Knave, Gnolium, Lyderkane

Info:For the latter half of the last decade, Knave, a Johannesburg-based hard rock ensemble, have been stamping their musical footprint into the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Knave’s sound is a product of their surroundings – they keep the door open to difference, pride themselves on individuality and promote open-minded genre’s. The branches of this dendrite all head towards the same canvas, mauling as a unit, defining a unique sound that is their own.

The success of their debut full-length album, Polarity, led to the single Taunt and Tether being snapped up for the promo of the popular TV series Prison Break, airing on M-net. This lucky break resulted in viewers eagerly wanting to know the name of the band behind the catchy song. In no time at all Taunt and Tether rocketed to number 1 on national radio station 5fm as well as climbing to the top of many campus stations. Soon their heavier tunes Suiciety and the upbeat 7 Steps were getting airtime as well, highlighting the bands diversity and broad appeal. A music video for Diagnosis was released and subsequently nominated for a music video award in the “Best hard rock video” category at the prestigious Channel MK89 awards.

“Knave’s mammoth of a debut album is a proper South African hard-rock juggernaut. ”Gordon Laws (FHM Magazine)

After touring extensively on the back of their success - promoting their album and embarking on some soul searching - Knave is ready to grow. As vocalist and Knave front man, Chris Steenkamp puts it, “the journey so far has brought us closer as individuals, further reinforcing just how much more we want to inject into the music industry. We want to build on what we have achieved so far and grow even more from there.”

And that is exactly what they are doing…

Taking time out from their intense gig schedule, Knave has been hard at work laying down tracks for their forthcoming album, Cognition, which is due for release in early Spring 2009.

Until then they will continue to build on their musical relationships in the mainstream while staying solid in the underground - The cogs are warm for Knave and they are here to stay.

“With "Polarity" Knave have proven themselves to be musicians, riff-masters and composers of note. A brilliant debut, dudes - well done!” - Jo from Joday

“5/5 Stars - I recommend this should be a part of anyone's CD collection” - Manet Fernandez (The white padded cell)

“4/5 Stars - Knave has come from out of nowhere to deliver probably one of the best albums to come out of this country this year” - Neil van Zyl (

On the live performance: “This band is impossible to review because their live performances are just, well, to say the very least, perfect. This may explain why they have such a large, dedicated following whom they give everything they have to, musically as well as performance wise, and their fans respond to them with equal enthusiasm. The 45 minutes they are on stage feels like 5 very short ones. Their music is heavy yet melodic. A CD you could put in your car and play day in and day out, without tiring of it. IMO, Knave would also appeal to a slightly older audience. If you want to experience pure professionalism as well as enjoyable, easy to listen to music, don’t miss a Knave show!” Cindy –

For more information please contact Turning Tricks entertainment South Africa at, or +27 72 755 7041

Supporting bands:

Lyderkane -

No under 18's - Only origional ID/Drivers Licence accepted
No weapons
We reserve the right to search clients

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