psycho circus 2011

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.

Starts:Friday 27th of May 2011 at 16:00
Ends:Saturday 28th of May 2011 at 01:00


18:15-19:30 -
19:30-20:15 - Apart from your cliché
20:15-21:00 - Sloppy Folk
21:00-21:45 - Guns Go Bang!
21:45-22:30 - Reason To Live (TBC)
22:30-23:15 - Dark Matte


- Live Graffiti Artwork

- Candy Floss FOR FREE

- Popcorn FOR FREE (Popcorn fights are more than welcome!)

- Beer Pong (For alcohol prizes)

- Egg and Spoon Races (Sober people not allowed, shooters to be won)

- Win and Spin Wheel

- Shooter Clowns

- Beer Funneling (Upside down)

- Wet T-Shirt Competition (Ladies bring your white shirts)

- DJ's Between Bands (rock, metal, drum & bass and hard style)

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