This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.

Starts:Friday 27th of November 2009 at 06:00
Ends:Sunday 29th of November 2009 at 04:00

Performers:Friday 27th:
19:00 - Sadistic Dementia
20:00 - Sabretooth
21:00 - Strident
22:00 - Symphonic Schizophrenia
23:00 - Azrail
00:00 - Revenge By Dawn
01:00 - Matricide

Saturday 28th:
14:00 - Sindulgence
15:00 - Lines Of Separation
16:00 - Fearstrike
17:00 - The Ministry Of Lost Souls
18:00 - Deharmonic
19:00 - Stellitius
20:00 - Infanteria
21:00 - Regicide
22:00 - Dark Heritage
23:00 - A Walk With The Wicked
00:00 - Mind Assault

Info:The darkside of Muzone presents: BLUDJINN METAL FESTIVAL.
20 Bands. 2 Days.

R100 for the weekend
R60 per day
Doors will close Saturday at 04:00 and will reopen on Saturday at 13:00

*NOTE: Time slots has not yet been confirmed and are subject to change*

Let the blood and alcohol flow.

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