Rocktober Thursday the 28th

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Cheetahs Nightclub

Starts:Thursday 28th of October 2010 at 21:00
Ends:Friday 29th of October 2010 at 02:00

Performers:Thursday with (The Undefind) CrossRoads and friends present tw amazing bands for you're entertainment, tonight we have such an amazing line-up for you, Black Market Riots consider themselves an over the top energetic group with deep down rhythm and melody combining passionate screams of ballistic rock and roll and The Bloody Lungs reckon they are a group of people who share a love for the blues. It's twisted and shaped into many forms and acts as inspiration for writing.

CrossRoads do anything from Elvis medleys to Kings of Leon and are ready to rock you're socks off till 2 in the morning

Shooters are R1, yeh, they are really, i promise.
2 Double Brandy and cokes are R32
R20 gets you in if you're a guy and R10 for girls, coz they're prettier.

Support SA Music!
See ya there!

Info:For more info call 0834414340 or swing past cheetahs!

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