VOL and Lyderkane @ Durbanville Kunskafee

This is a past event and is displayed only for historic purposes.
Location:Durbanville Kunskafee

Starts:Saturday 18th of July 2009 at 19:00
Ends:Sunday 19th of July 2009 at 04:00

Performers:VOL, Lyderkane

Info:Strictly Over 18's

Lyderkane defines the grey area.
A band started from the pure desire to create. They have never lulled themselves into any category or sub genre. Constantly developing. Evolving. Exploring.

Pushing their own boundaries. Passion and energy that infects and entices a staple of their music and a standard in their charged live shows. A blend of four unique and definite personalities they are a sound beyond exact description.
Many equate them with varied acts such as System Of A Down, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and Bush. And whereas these are influences their sound is more than an ingestion and regurgitation of these.
It is a product of influence, personality and creativity.

They have never succumbed to any trend or popular sentiment. Not metal. Not punk. Not anything but what they want to be Lyderkane defines the grey area. Lyderkane defies the grey area

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