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Pidgin - The Universal Chat Client

One of few do it all chat clients and it works on Linux, Windows and Macs, you may also want to check out the command line version called Finch.

Pidgin supports simultaneous connections to multiple accounts and you can easily activate and deactivate a specific account, which could be anything from Facebook, Mxit, Skype, Google Talk, Myspace, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, ICQ and SILC to your kitchen sink.

I'm going to leave it to you to figure out the installation as it's dead simple and for the most part doesn't deserve explanation. Check out the downloads page on their website, point and click really.

Plugins: see for a list.

As you can see there are a host of officially supported and third-party plugins
available to suit your messaging needs and desires. In your plugin manager, under Tool->Plugins make sure to see the "Configure Plugin" button to toggle
preferences for individual features of each plugin.

How to install additional plugins

Here are some officially supported plugins I've selected
Buddy Notes, Contact Availability Prediction, Conversation Colors, I'dle Maker, Message Notification, Offline Message Emulation, Psychic Mode and Release Notification

I've also successfully added
FacebookIM: most importantly it allows you to chat to your facebook contacts as well as change your status.

Pidgin-Encryption: encrypts messages where possible.

Interesting Plugins
Music Tracker:
Pidgin Commands:

Connecting Pidgin and Mxit
Mxit, like GoogleTalk uses the XMPP protocol now unfortunately Mxit have closed
their servers to most of the world, Google however have permission to communicate with them. Sign up for a Gmail account, login to Pidgin with it and add your mxit contacts. To add you must append to their cellphone number with the country code (27) replacing the zero as per usual.

Connecting Pidgin to your Facebook account
See the plugins that I've added above, FacebookIM is the one you need. After you have installed it you will be able to select Facebook from the accounts list when you create a new account in Pidgin.

Hats off to Pidgin!

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