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This page provides a little information on how the site works but it is also the entry point to the knowledge base which, ideally, would hold the collective knowledge of our community... please give us time to think about and develop a system for this but feel free to submit information or suggestions via the contact form.

Promotion and Networking

A good public page allows people to stay up to date with what you're doing and easily get in touch. Bands are advised to have at least a couple songs available and most pages will benefit from a few good photos, vastly improving your chances of getting contacted.

When creating your page we'd suggest you plug in as much information as you possibly can and feel free to suggest fields such as contact numbers, date of opening or address, we'll then make provision for you to put the info in.

You can always browse or search the community to find people to work with, including studios, DJs, musicians, bands, venues, event organisers, journalists, photographers and the lot... if you feel left out tune us to add you! We've got radio stations, sponsors and music equipment repairers, buyers and sellers on the to-do list already.

Events and the Gig Guide

Any registered user can add an event. All events are displayed on our gig guide and on the websites participating in the gig guide project. They also get mailed out to the mailing list and put into the appropriate RSS feed.

You can display a national, provincial or personal gig guide, events listing or a single (next) event on your website or say your Myspace account. You simply select your preferences and paste a piece of javascript where you want to display the information.

Facebook events can easily be created once you've submitted your event to us, simply click the "add to Facebook" button and invite your friends.

News Articles

Posting news is currently free and we are looking for valued contributors whose responsibility it will be to approve submitted articles for publication. Multiple contributors would have to approve a paid article before it is published. Language must be of reasonable quality and the article must be useful to the community, no blatant advertising is welcomed. As a reward contributors get to post articles for free.

The Knowledge Base