Jack Stone

Ciao for now, keep well.

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Location :: Goodwood, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 8th of December 2009
Url :: http://www.alternativemusic.co.za/news.php
Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/alternativemusic
Twitter :: http://www.twitter.com/sa_music_hub

I'm a bit of nut and could never guarantee that I'll write about what I'm there to write about, I'm sure I could fit it in if I reckon it's worth a mention. I don't do paid jols yet but welcome free entry and Castle Lager.

I don't have transport either so don't bank on my pitching if that can't be sorted out somehow. Here's a link to an article I put together and posted on this site: http://www.alternativemusic.co.za/news/a-night-out-in-africa---part-i.php

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