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Nexo (Brendon Bowie) and SkyeletPielet (Skye O'Neill) have shared a love for music and especially local bands for many years. Friends who enjoy watching shows at all the local rad spots and who both enjoy writing. So it was about time that they joined the two passions that they each shared and started a blog to do just that. Skye once wrote:

"I've always complained about the minimal exposure our country's musicians are able to get. The lack of platforms to release their works of art on... But I have come to realise that if we had what other countries have, where they are able to reap greater rewards... We would be just like any other country. In my opinion the adversity that our musicians have had to face, has created a uniqueness about us... and more of a longing to achieve dreams and goals. One of the things I love most about our country is our Music Industry. You don't need to be anyone to know everyone. We all share the same sort of passion... and we are all connected in some way or another. South Africa has so much to offer... Fokofpolisiekar for example, A band that will always remain in the history books for opening a door to a genre of music no one had heard before, much the same way Kurt Cobain had through Nirvana... What was initially a joke is now something that created one of the most well-known bands from our country. Love them or Hate them... FOPK did something that no one had done for our country before. And will always have that very fact as theirs! South Africa is rich with history, diversity and culture, and even more so - passion for all of the above... Our muso's are only just getting started"

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