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If you want to stay up to date with the latest news or events and or recieve mail advertising from the site then the mailing list is for you, you may also be interested in the RSS feeds though, to keep you up to date without the bother of email messages.

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    Advertising may have to do with album launches or reviews, events, bands and or venue advertisements, these ads are paid for per email sent so of course it would be most appreciated if you tick that box.

    Ads are first sent to the webmaster, they are then either approved or denied, editted and sent back to the advertiser for further approval. You will not receive funny files only plain text and or html formatted mail, possibly with an image or two attached.

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    An events listing for the next two weeks is mailed out every Thursday, it doesn't provide full details of the event but does give you a date, venue and direct link to the events page.

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    Articles can be posted by all regsitered users but must be published by trusted users to ensure good quality articles. The full article will be sent to your email address, you can then visit the link to comment or share or whatever else you may want to do on the site.

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