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Instrument :: Vocals
Band :: N/A
Status :: getting it together...
Location :: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Own Transport :: no
Last Login :: Wednesday 7th of December 2011
Genres :: Alternative-Rock mostly I guess, Rock, Alternative, Post-Grunge, Grunge, Hardcore

Influences :: The Used, Get Scared, Linkin Park, Nothingface, Demon Hunter, Madina Lake, Slipknot, Billy Talent, MCR, 30 Seconds to Mars... Yeah I guess that's most of it

Bands :: Free the Thieves And I was solo before that
Equipment :: 3x P-51 Fender mics, Behringer europower 8 channel mixer, 2x Fane 250W RMS 15 inch PA Speakers.
Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/louisawithlove

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