2010 Hard Rock & Metal Festival @ the Civic Theater Roodepoort

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For South Africa this is a first ever The WorldCup has come, and Hard Rock and Metal has been brought to the Civic Theatre.
All of Eternity in conjunction with Marshall Music, Joburg Promusica, Everlast Tattoo, RockingSA and Safi Soundz is putting together a festival for all people in South-Africa that love Hard Rock and Metal. Hard Rock and Metal Has come a long way from the mid 60s and has given birth to some of the most existing bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction to name a few. It has also evolved into sub genres from Traditional metal, Trash metal, Death metal, Black metal, Power metal, Doom and gothic metal, Alternative metal, Nu metal to the recent trend Metalcore. Hard Rock and Metal has grown to such an phenomenal that over the continent people are throwing there fists and party spirits in the air at every festival these bands play at and in continental Europe, especially Germany and Scandinavia, metal continues to be broadly popular.
Well-established British acts such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden continue to have chart success on the continent, as do a range of local groups. In Germany, Western Europe's largest music market, several continental metal bands placed multiple albums in the top 20 of the charts between 2003 and 2009, including the long-running German thrash metal band Kreator, German industrial metal group Rammstein, Finnish melodic death metal act Children of Bodom, Norwegian symphonic extreme metal group Dimmu Borgir, and three power metal bands: Germany's Blind Guardian, England's DragonForce and Sweden's HammerFall. The Swedish melodic death metal act In Flames took both Come Clarity (2006) and A Sense of Purpose (2008) to number 6 in Germany; each album topped the Swedish charts - Wicapedia.
Heavy metal has been controversial nearly throughout its existence -- critics traditionally dismissed the music as riddled with over-the-top adolescent theatrics, and conservative groups have often protested what they perceive as evil lyrical content. Still, despite -- or perhaps because of -- those difficulties, heavy metal has become one of the most consistently popular forms of rock music ever created, able to adapt to the times yet keep its core appeal intact -www.allmusic.com.
Metal Music is so popular that the band Metal Hammer wants to make it a religion.
Over the last 3 months All of Eternity, RockingSA and Safi Soundz auditioned 42 bands from Gauteng (at Full Moon Lounge) and Bloemfontein(at Barbas Bar) to get the best in the South of Africa's Hard Rock and Metal bands to perform at the Joburg Promusica Theatre Roodepoort. This is the Time for South African Hard Rock & Metal to shine and let the world know that we have some of the awesome and spectacular bands here in our country. This festival is a performance that will run from the 5th of July to the 10th of July with 5 different bands on each night so every night is a different performance. Not only will the bands but the audience experience an music explosion of sound with Marshall Music staking the stage with sound, guitar racks, base racks and a drum set to die for, while making it look like an Metalica stage. On the 10th of July we will be featuring the top 5 band of the other nights to end this festival with a high note. If you just want to come and check the basement bands you will pay R60 at the door but if you have a ticket for the main Theatre stage you will have access to the basement 30 min before the last band has finished there set, and the basement theatre is also for the after party's. There are 300 seats available per night so get your ticket now. We will also feature in the basement with two different awesome bands every night. All of Eternity also had auditions for photographers, So on the night there will only be 3 photographers that will be aloud to take pictures of the show, So if you need any pictures you can contact them. Not only is the Joburg Promusica Theatre Roodepoort the place to be between the 5th and 10 July it has some awesome prices like R8 a local beer and R10 tequila to name a few.
You can go and buy your tickets now at Computicket R100 or if a Student (on presentation of valid card) you pay R50. There will also be tickets available at the door. This will be the line up for the main Theatre:

Day 1 - Monday 5 July

1.Colour Blind
3.Saints Method
4.Exit Stranger

Day 2 Tuesday 6 July

1.The Fallen
3.Sworn to Silence
4.March Against Me
5.Historical Screams

Day 3 Wednesday 7 July

3.All of Eternity

Day 4 Thursday 8 July

2.Sons of Signal
4.They Wither
5.The Frail

Day 5 Friday 9 July

2.Finding Forever
4.Fragmented Children
5.A Fate Like Yours

For more information or media inquiries mail us at;

Or Contact;
Daltrey on 072 250 9375
Fanie on 082 392 2148
Jethro on 076 045 9122

Buy tickets online or contact 083 915 8000 or email info@computicket.com

Joburg Promusica Theatre
(read less)Is situated at the Civic Centre in Florida Park, 100 Christiaan de Wet Road Florida Park, Roodepoort, this is a safe and exciting venue with ample free parking. For more info email info@promusica.co.za or go to there sitewww.promusica.co.za

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