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Arriving at 19h24, pissed off as I hate to miss the beginning of anything let alone the opening of an act I notice that there are a few more patrons that I had seen before.
**Perhaps it is one of the acts I have been recommended to look out for that has attracted more attendance…. We shall see**

As I approached the Bar from across the street I could hear the sounds echoing down the road and back again, similar to the surreal echoes in a movie set….. I almost wanted to look down the road looking from side to side waiting for the terror that normally accompanies the hard metal that was blaring so confidently out the doors of the “quaint” bar Boston Rock Lounge (BRL), daren’t I say quaint for fear of being lynched by a black embossed mob, but this venue that is only big enough to host a rocking bash with about 250 to 1000 people all banging comfortably (if that is possible to head-bang in comfort!!!). But HUGE in attitude that is growing more each time I attend BRL
When I reached the door I felt my pulse had already quickened and was desperately trying to match the fast paced drumming of Wayne from Scenes from Golgotha, the replacement band brought in to cover one of the defaulting bands…..

Scheduled to play were R.E.B.U.K.E.D, Guns go Bang, Execute the Wounded, Unforsaken Truth and Still Black at Sunrise, but sadly through what ever reason Unforsaken was booked to play in Pretoria (Apparently bands are double booking a tad much)…. (Will investigate this phenomena) and thus did not play, also to pull out at the last minute were Still Black at Sunrise and I was informed that there was an issue with a band member making Execute the Wounded pull out at the last minute as well….

I walk up to the bar and watch the well filled floor of young impressionable wannabe’s and genuines all throwing down to this band Scenes from Golgotha. It was cute!!! (forgive my old ways guys, but watching the ‘lil ones bounce around I can’t help but think of the word cute) Wayne having them wanting more. (good crowd work buddy)
On receipt of my usual double whisky on the rocks with a touch of water I listened to Tyrone bellow his song to an end and took a seat at stage right and was disappointed to find they were to only play 2 more songs…(I hate missing the beginning of anything – its like going to the movie and missing the first most important beginning scenes; I’d rather not watch then)…. Needless to say that Liam and Tyrone on Guitar with Kevin Bassing it out and Wayne bring up the rear on drums, Scenes from Golgotha, finished their set in style as what is expected of young rocker whole with a little of guidance and determination can go far…

During the change over I got to meet the owners Hennie and Gert, who hail from the old school Rock… the original rocker….YEAH!!!!! Rock on guys….
Well I am sure that the world out there will be happy to know that there are big plans for BSL and the rock world in SA. Watch this space (‘scuse the cliché, but it rings true here guys)

The next band to take centre stage was an Impressive Punk Rock band….With shaved head and Mohawk’s to round off the look….
**Great guys, but I seriously would add on a chain or two – lets promote the feel of what punk is**
Perhaps for those out there that do not understand the difference, let me explain what “Punk” or Punk Rock really is so you can compare to what you consider metal and then make up your mind from there.
Though this movement was generally considered violent as it supported and promoted anarchy in the greatest form, specifically Anti-authority; they were only very passionate and have many very strong ANTI view points, such as anti-homophobia, anti-militarism, anti-sexism and many other positive causes.
What one must keep in mind and to understand is that, although they are in a “metal” genre and were born from it, they are a sound of their own, and sing a way different message.

Right enough of the History lesson and back to the reality that is AWOL, the punk rock band consisting of Michael the Lead guitar and one huge and impressive Mohawk. Joining him on was Damian (cool name) on vocals and rhythm guitar and Chris who belted out the bass. Finishing off the crew was the Johnny the artist and sported a triple hawk in the flavour of the rainbow nation.

Fuck! Is the one word that is the most versatile of them all, not only can it take on the persona of a noun and verb, but can also be adjectivized, pronounced and ……well you get my drift…. Fuck can describe many things from depression to happiness and fear, fright, excitement, anger and orgasm…. This word is so Cool….
Well when I say I didn’t expect such an impressive sound, and this was felt by those attending, for like flies to shit they came buzzing in…. bouncing, kicking and waving their arms way before they even reached the impromptu “mosh pit”.
Such impressive pulling for a punk band in worth noting and so is their catchy second song “hey piggy piggy”, which brought on a new fresh wave of moshers as the first rounder’s were fucked after the song concluded.
I was also impressed with the western cowboy feel to the 4th song, “Child of war”, I enjoyed the slight twist.
When the bass guitarist moved to the mike the attending crowd responded, and responded well as the drummer totally fucked up his kit…. AWESOME
**Good moves man, just get your arms out, be a showman, bring the audience into your beat bro as you are the back bone of the band…. ** (interesting note – all the members sing)

Moving onto R.E.B.U.K.E.D. who didn’t hesitate in getting straight into their fantastic act…
Gabs the Lead vocalist screamed into action with no hesitation and was accompanied by some great guitar work. With Gabs leading the rockers Stev and Adam on Guitar, who both took centre stage with excellent finger work and rhythm control considering there was a noticeable absence of a bass guitarist.
Be that as it may their drummer Marco handled those drums like the pro he seems… caressed and fucked when needed and banged and beat when desired.
I personally enjoyed watching the reaction the crowd gave to the song Two Faced…. nice guys, very nice, great crowd control and response you really got them on the floor.
I was especially impressed with the interlude guitar mini solos between songs and then the ACDC feel guitar work at the end…. And an all round for the entire band; you guys rock!
I will definitely go out of my way to see these guys.

Finally, the “piece de resistance”, in the form or 6 band member; Drummer Camo, who had an electric drum effect kit, which added a different turn to the feel of sound and response. Followed closely by bassist and backing vocals who shared there elevated drummers stage. (Great to have the rhythm section in one section) Guitarist Chris and Leonard shared the stage with two vocalists. Chris and Lorcan who screamed and bellowed their way respectively into the crowd respectively, ensuring maximum participation by encouraging the chant
Guns go Bang, Guns go Bang, Guns go Bang, from the audience. Good move guys, as the sound check was longer than what most tolerate. This minor setback did not dampen the spirits of crowd in the least. In fact I think that it may have bought them more time so that some of the patrons at the Doors nightclub managed to join the chanting mass of black leather, short mini’s, punk influenced colouring and rips all held together by a shit load of metal, not only on the jackets but on the bodies too.
Undulating and pulsing arms to the ceiling in time, Guns go Bang, Guns go Bang, blending in the colours of the pale bare skin, tattooed arms and necks and jacket covers and hair lots of hair… almost like and ocean thrashing its waves in a rhythmic pattern…. All this in preparation for the, “get down and dirty” bangin’ mosh, presumed to happen once the gig rips its self apart to the sounds of GUNS GO BANG!!!!!

The guitar intro was welcomed with whistling and shouting from the audience and was summarily and immediately responded to, by the band with the bellowing screamers and vigorous symbol work by the bassist, hectic and precise drumming and fleeting finger work of the guitarists ensured for and entertaining set by this vibrant metal band.

GGB took the audience through a story in guitar, drum and voice symphony dedicated to the metal in their souls…. And they ROCKED….
**Fuck me these boy know how to work a crowd**
….The whole band played the crowed, setting them up and then pulling them in, so well that getting off the stage to be with the crowd was all part of the act…. **Great move Lorcan.**
Not only do these future legends rock the joint, they welcome guest screamers like Warren of another rival band and Kyle of Execute the Wounded. This act of comradery for fellow metal head was encouraged and welcomed by all including myself…
If that wasn’t enough, the invited the whole audience onto the stage for the last song…. Brilliant… fun to watch as on brave reveller dived off the drummer stage… He lived!

Over all it was a successful evening. Can’t wait to see where these guys go next.

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