A Night out in Africa - Part I

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I thought I was ready for a night out but they have certainly proven me wrong this time. I found myself in the middle of a loud lounge type vibe sipping beers at R15 a pop, oh boy did I have to get out of there... an hiatus in the tunes provides the perfect opportunity to slip out and have a game with the real wild life and I'm not one to miss out on that.

Out in the street I find myself wanting for direction... I'd never been here before and I wasn't liking it one bit, not five minutes went by without the ominous sight of the ever loved boerevan, I was watching one roll by and in the path of my sight I find familiar eyes... those of a friendly bouncer I'd met long ago, I see the hint of recognition in his eye and shake his hand, he's doing well. Some bunch come stumbling out the door which our friendly bouncer (I wish I could remember his name) holds back for them once he realizes their intentions, they'd had enough. There was good music going on inside, some strong African beats. The cat was out of the bag and I inquired as to the entrance fee, R20, sounds about half of what I'd just payed to get in the previous place but it was enough to deter me.

I checked my service log and decided to go 'round the corner, not too bad, certainly not as busy... car guards trying to sell you stuff and vagrants trying to relieve you of your unwanteds, the genuine South African jol. I fired 'im up and within a minute had a customer, sure Sir, we finished it up and he rolled another after bumming a few papers in the spirit of things. I soon figured 'e was selling but having been robbed by both door-woman and barman in the place I was before I was in no position to speak about buying... none he less he assured me it was good stuff, rooibard 'e say, special price for me. Ja boet.

That party inside just wasn't for me, I lit up another a took a lonesome stroll, nearing the end of it I almost overturn a half man, one leg, five teeth, you know the kind... he was coming 'round a corner see. I ask him if he smokes, he reckons ja so I pass it over and proceed to the bar.

By now the tunes were pretty loud, I was feeling a touch better about the place but I needed to find my drink, a lovely lady had been holding onto it and for this I thanked her. It felt good to wet the mouth, I ordered another, this time asking the barman for a tip. A couple good numbers being played by some Cat String Theory I believe... and what was that Beatles tune? ah, "I want You (She is so Heavy)"... well done!

The band made klaar with their set and some Greek (I believe) man from Rock out Radio.co.za got up to do his thing again, you see it was their second launch party, being broadcast live on the station.

It gets blurry later but I find myself having a chat to a bassist, interesting fella, knows a bit about good music too. I get informed that we have some customers around the table and I offer up something to toke on. They'd like to delay it somewhat... I don't understand this concept and eventually make off to a known smoker, say the hellos and strike up a conversation. Eventually the time comes and we head out for a walk, leaving the unpleasantly smoke filled larney bar behind.

Half way down the street we realize we're going to need a fireman, the man on the street is always willing to help I reckon, putting my chips on a car guard once again... he doesn't have a light but immediately calls his boetjie who does, boetjie assures me he likes his lighter so I fire it up quick and pass it back to him. He says it's too busy for him to smoke so we continue our walk around the block.

Back in the bar I find one can't move, I remain by the door until the man on stage finishes his little chat, he whips out a Fender guitar, out of a bag no less. You can win it if you SMS some stuff and wharrawharra, fair enough but I haven't had airtime for about a year. I make may way to the balcony and see it's not too busy there.

There I remained for the morning while trying to clear my head in a busy room, the most fun that could be had at that stage for the launch party had come to an end and the lounge had turned to some hip kinda vibe, yes, it got ugly quickly.

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