Battle of the Bands - 1st Round - Cool Runnings - Fourways

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Battle of the Bands – 1st Round – Cool Running’s – Fourways

This venue which is often used as a stop over for famous band, hits home to the feeling of what I think the whole franchise is about…. MUSIC… and what better place to launch the Battle of the Bands competition put on by Events Management team THORNROSE.

As diligently as ever the sound was tested and in place for the first band, by “Smack Entertainment” Sound engineers, who are all round suppliers of sound and event related gigs.

When Collapse the Silence took to the tiny stage that should have had the drummer Shaun raised; but be that as it may, Collapse the Silence lead by the Lead vox Rob and supported by 2 backing vox’s; Andrew, also on Guitar, Mike who also bassed out the crew and Jake who was the growler of the trio vocals.
Jakes intro on the first song together with Robs scream set the pace for the evening.
The backing vox, Andrew and mike held their own on the second song until their third instalment which was more like a scene fro the Vin Diesel movie XXX….. when he was preparing for a testosterone filled adrenalin showdown…. great attention grabbing vocal changes. Their 4th Song, “organ donor” had some interesting change of pace, but had nothing on their final song, “No where to Run” that, though contained basic chord changes held out for great drumming and acoustic interludes brought on by Jake.
Nice showmanship by Rob who momentarily took to the speakers as an extra elevated stage… this tune belonged to the drummer who held the rhythms in place with ease.

Fragmented Children, blasted in with the great vocals which covered both the singing vocal and scream by Sam. He was backed up on Bass by Matt, who was obviously having a great time.
The second song “Plead” and third songs were greatly enhanced with the interludes of interesting play work by Wouter on lead guit and Adam on rhythm guit, with a good drumming break to bring the floor out bangin’
Their last song “Judgement for the Broken” went a bit flat which was a little negative in my vote, but over all they did hold their own as usual.

Guns Go Bang, whom have their usual professional appearance and crowd appeal, held the audience at bay with their great growl, scream and whistle renditions of their now, readily recited and rhythmical songs, brought on by Chris and Lorcan who constantly kept the audience on the floor with their “guns go bang, guns go bang chant.
During their second bout of screaming, both Daren and Leonard on bass and guit respectively took to opposite speaker and duelled each other in motion and string work… it was fun to watch musicians having fun in their craft….

Their third rendition, tested Camo, the drummer’s technical ability to the limit… and he cam through BANGIN’an’ shinin’ from the exertion. The floor was full of fellow enthusiasts of the fine rock these boys produced, and a majority it seems were there in support of rival bands **hmmm! Interesting don’t you think?**…. Good work boys, getting the enemy to bang and mosh to your beat and bellows.
The judges all pulled their expressions of “adequately entertained” to “fucked out and rocked” when the band GGB orchestrated a giant Mosh in their penultimate tune holding everyone’s attention till they left the stage.

Though many parents of the groups scheduled to play were in attendance, their painful expressions and grimaces were clear testament to their lack of knowledge about the art of metal, but their support was noted and admired, for this art form is like opera, it is either loved or hated, and is as influential in musicality as classical symphonies.

This hard and dare I say “poetic” art form is growing in its formidable influence and not in the stereotypical violent misperceptions as it has been labelled as, but for their lyrical content and video footage, direction and production. Not to mention the vegan/vegetarian, Christian, non violent advocates and pacifists represented by many a metal and hard core rock band.

The next band to kit up was Die Droom Proses; a proudly South African, Afrikaner band who belted out all their tunes in their mother tongue with absolute ease. Well done you guys, keep up the work in keeping Afrikaans alive. But forgive the “rooi-nek” in me, as I just get by understanding the spoken word in Afrikaans, but to get me to understand in slow song let alone in hard metal is another story all together.
The first song had and excellent start with the crowd quite receptive in their participation and with the interludes hinting the influences of Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars and other groups in such a genre.
Wayne the growler, or “extreme shouter cross growler” as I have to depict.... had a good rapport with the crowd and has the sense of humour to match…Interesting change of pace.

The second song, whose intro was great but, fucked out when the drummer lost his stick….
**Silly boy…. You gotta have spares, and a contingency plan……you are the spine of the band bro – Silly mistooks like that cost**
Sadly the song was marred again as the mono tone of the vox became evident as the song progressed. The bass however allowed his enjoyment in the song to shine through, making the song acceptable in the end.
“die laste lig in Oktober”, I think the 3rd song was called (again forgive me if I got the title wrong), presented a good guitar work by Gareth and his double teaming with Wayne. This was not to be out done as literally the whole audience sang the song word for word till its ending which was capped with cheers.
I have to say the finale was all in the hands of the drummer who combined his double kicker so systematically with his symbol work he synchronised his highs and lows with “almost” aggressive work, but balanced it well with the guits of the group called…Die Droom Prose.

The Final band of the evening had a huge personal following that happily paid their entrance, stood in the audience and banged till the end.
Of One Design introduced their first song to the willing crowd, who screamed their approval. The drummers and his double kicker responded with the vox’s in a duelling battle of scream, growl and beat….
Pretty intense…intense enough to get the mosh pit happening…. On the first song too!… not bad going boys… almost up to where GGB are (in my eyes).
“Deliverance” their second submission had an impressive response with the loyal crowd. The out and proud to be a metal head song, “Never Shaken” was dished out with vigour as they called for all in Cool Runnings Fourways to raise their “horns”(1) skyward; all of this held together by a good hard and consistent drum rhythm.
Their next few songs, including “Íf the good die young” and “The oppressive Hand”, right through to the end, were a testament to the drummer who was the driving force behind the entire sound of the night… the bass as the back up needed a bit more chord change to make the rhythm section bounce a tad more… and to increase the showmanship…. **belt those strings mate… and make them reverb under your control**
But…. Yes… but… (I tend to have them a few of times),… the floor was full the entire set… beginning to end… they had a really good loyal following…

By the end of the evening and after a few drinks to loosen up each of the judges, it was clear on who they had “ear marked” as the winner of the night, but as it turned out…. It does pay to have an audience, whether a rent-a-crowd or not…. The numbers count…

The winner of the night (announced the next day) was Of One Design.
Well done guys…. Let see you get the subtle changes happening as the competition will start heating up as we get closer to December…Then the fun will begin….

Meaning - (1) where the person holds up their arm above their head and skyward, holding their middle finger and ring finger with their thumb, while pushing out their pinky and pointer fingers….

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