Battle of the Bands 2

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ThornRose Production, the event co-ordinator, headed up by Bradley Hitchin was ever present to ensure continuity and completing of the vision for the outcome of this battle round

The general atmosphere of “The Black Dahlia”, alternative and metal brain child of Brad, Michael and Devyn. Who share a love of the music and thus provide the venue and arena for the grunge in all of us to set ourselves free in relatively cool surroundings. The patrons, a mix of ages but definite similarity in style and clothing…. Possibly the real metal appreciators

The first band to grace the stage was Embroil. Consisting of Chris Maloney on Vox who is more of the Muse come Kings of Leon type of singer… a classic moaner as apposed to screamer, however he can belt out his lungs as he showed in song Retribution; and the Drummer Du Prix van Zyl, a backing vox who has and impressive leg work on his double kicks.
Bring up the rear is Steven Naude on rhythm Guit and Le Roux Minnaaar on Bass another backing vox. The pies de resistance is the lead guit Stephan Kosterman he managed to keep my attention from his first solo in the fist song Silence…..

Impressive harmonising by Stephan in the first number, that brought the play of rhythm guit into fray, as he seemed to enjoy this tune from the get go.
The ladies song “Escape” did bring out the cute little emo girls and embarrassingly enough… some Mommies…. But hey, any support is support!
This song and the technical aspects belonged to Du Prix the drummer and he belted out a barrage of notes and sounds… keeping in line the band…
“Retribution” and War their forth and 5th song respectively held impressive finger work by the lead guit, who was equally matched by the vox and drummer. And finally the bass seemed to come out of his shell on War… over all they were not bad and definitely worth a listen to… I would get their cd.

The next band to hit the floor was Incarnadine….. nice and hard intro buy drummer Devlin Hitchcock and lead guit Thando Xaluva.
Vox Shaun Stanley is a small chap who is ok as a screamer and a bit of a growler, was also on guitar; though the finger work was adequate on the both guits which included Thando and Graham Wickham on bass… the overall support was lacking.

“The Suffering lasts”, the following tune was the vox attempting to do acoustic guitar work, but with his accompaniment not backing him up with precision did little for the presentation of the song……. Guys, it looks like you need a tad more practice as it seems that each member is out for their own rhythm….
Fuck all stage presence
This cold forest their vox’s own lyrics were drowned out by the guits and drummer…. But they did have a spark of interest from me when they managed to warm into each other and get the acoustic guitar interlude to work…..sadly by this time the floor was empty.
“From the fires Within” their last song seemed to be their finest and perhaps most rehearsed song….. the vox needs to up his game and voice if he wants to metal it…PRACTICE BOYS

Acoustic Liquid which consisted of Westley Engelbrecht on vox and acoustic guitar, drummer and bongo-ist Charles Dubber and their ever trusty sound device “Roland” of sounds to handle the bass and accompaniments…. I was apprehensive as they were just 2.
Nice Mexican feel intro of the song “Inse”, accompanied y a numerous “ole” but Charles prior to him and Westley, battling it out in a dance of sound and beat….
Definitely in another league of their own…. Maybe not in this competition as they are a style of Acoustic Liquid.
Break up, the following song, blew my last statement ouit of the water as Westley opened up his voice and sang out strong lyrics, in the vain of cold play and many of the “unplugged” metal greats… Impressive accompaniment with the drumming which has NO toms in the kit at all but technically kicked ass.
“I feel the love again” the next instalment of this great live band, had no impressive drumming flair or guitar rips, just plain and pure song and lyric.
The following tune “Naked”, though in a similar vein as its preceding song, was still able to hold its own as the guit chorus and drum break changed the pace sufficiently to keep ones interest.
The night fall dominated by the brush sticks of Charles, was accompanied by the every nimble fingers of Westley oh his little sound maker, no singing, just acoustic work…. Great sounds guys. Really a great listen.

I was a tad disappointed that the other two bands Once bitten, Twice shy and a Fine State scheduled to play tonight pulled out at the last minute…. Bit irritating on my side… but none the less…

The Winner for the night was…………..EMBROIL.

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