Cancer Benefit Concert for Sister of Slayer Frontman

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For the past 13 years Anamaria Araya (eldest sister of famed Slayer frontman, Tom Araya) has been fending off aggressive ovarian cancer, utilising increasingly expensive treatments and the strong will for which the Araya family is known.

Unfortunately her fight is becoming more and more difficult as the costs of treatments steadily surpass her - and her family's - ability to keep up with.

Now the Araya family - a family blessed with an abundance of creative and musical talent - will be holding a benefit concert in her honour, and to raise funds for the treatment.

The following was posted on the event's Myspace page yesterday (May 6th):

"The Araya Family and Friends Benefit Concert for Anamaria" is going to be amazing! We have decided to get together to offer our talents and passion in an effort to make a difference in the life of someone close to us. Anamaria has been fighting Ovarian Cancer for 13 years. She has been having treatment, with no cure, for most of that time. There have been some times of remission, but, it has always come back furiously. With the advancing of her cancer, treatments have become more complicated and expensive, even though she doesn't have health insurance coverage. Anamaria Araya is the oldest sister of the seven Araya children. She sparked the interest in music/art/performing in the Araya family when she played clarinet in school. She was also the stage manager of her high school drama department. In the family there are successful, professional musicians and some just beginning their careers in music. There are also many visual artists in the family. We're blessed to have friends that are talented, supportive and great musician/songwriters. We're so excited to be able to play original music, display art and have a great time."

A number of observers have made derogatory comments regarding the complete failure of Tom Araya or Slayer to have made any mention of his sister's condition as well as the band's apparent lack of involvement in the fund-raising attempts.

Unfortunately on the other side, several blogosphere representatives of Christian-fundamentalist groups - who always seem so prepared to criticise and attack the thrash metal legends - have made several statements about how this should be a wake-up call to the band. This, in reference to Slayer's long history of controversial and often satanically-inspired music.

Only time will tell if Tom Araya, and indeed Slayer, will commit, financially to alleviating Anamaria's worsening condition, but perhaps their silence on the subject has been to intentionally avoid drawing, to Anamaria, the negative attention they know is usually reserved for them.

I wish Anamaria, and indeed the entire Araya family the best of luck and hope that they truly can make a positive difference in the life of someone they love.

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