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This particular album gave me a lot to think about. Not because I found the music to be particularly thought provoking but because every review I read had such exaltations of awe and majesty. I thought to myself, “Shit, this fucker’s got to be something!” I was waiting impatiently for my hallelujah moment but it failed to arrive. I thought to myself (a second time), “You’re too excited – listen again without so much forceful intent.” And nope, still not feeling this. I’m not this is a god awful album but I can’t figure out why this is so beloved by so many.

Firstly, the lyrics: a bit cheesy. I myself enjoy the odd piece of cheese as part of a balanced diet but this could bring on a bout of IBS. Maybe I’m being too harsh but it sounds like the lyrics were written in another language and then translated by someone who had learnt the language at university and couldn’t quite grasp the vernacular.

Secondly, the voice: so-so. There are some very nice clean vocals here and there are some really nu-metal stylings as well. Needles to say that the latter gets on my nerves. The harsher growls are ok, more than passable.

Thirdly, the music. I have to say that is not something that appeals to me. I found the attempts at symphonic and instrumental inclusion a bit awkward. The violins are ill-suited and a bit plastic (processed cheese, if you will). There are lots of trimmings on this record but not much substance and yet there are one or two places where I feel a bit of progression coming on and then … disappointment.

Maybe they were trying to do a little too much too soon.

But for my personal tastes Back to Times of Splendor has left my ears a little poorer.

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