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The 15th annual Emerging Sounds Challenge in conjunction with Music Mate gets underway at the end of May in Gauteng before spreading its musical wings around the rest of the country. See dates below.

Apart from bands being able to win some fabulous prizes we well as getting discounts for musical equipment and studio time they will also have the opportunity of earning monies from the gig.

Prizes on offer this year courtesy of Music Mate include a full Wharfdale PA system and a range of musical gear including Pearl Vision VBX 5-piece Drum Kit and Boss Single Effects Pedals. Plus studio time from Get Phat Studios with a sound engineer and a television quality EPK filmed by Orange Orbit Productions.

It is the first battle of the bands offering bands the opportunity of getting paid for their performance.

Bands participating in this year’s Challenge will receive discount when purchasing musical equipment at any one of Music Mate’s stores, they will also receive discount when booking studio time with Get Phat Studios in Johannesburg.

All bands performing will also be able to purchase Dave Chislett’s book “One Two One Two” on the music industry at a discount at the gig.

The event

This event is the oldest running battle of the bands in the country and it has never just been about bands playing their songs for prizes. Bands receive constructive criticism from the judges receiving the judge’s scores sheet after each event – the aim is to improve a bands performance.
This event has never been about finding the freshest latest sound – it has always judged bands on their performance on that specific day at that specific time. After all you are only as good as your last performance and it is our belief that every time a band plays on stage that performance must be the best one they have ever performed.
This event offers all participating bands and musicians the opportunity of taking so much more from the event which they can implement immediately in furthering their own musical career.
This event will also give bands the opportunity of earning monies from their gig and performance.

To book your band or for further information to find out how you have the opportunity of being paid for your performance as well as standing in line to win some great prizes and be part of the musical history in this, the longest running music event of its kind contact the Squire on 0827707524 or emergingsounds@mweb.co.za.


Sunday, 29 May – Bohemian, Richmond
Monday, 30 May – Café Barcelona, Pretoria

Saturday, 11 June – Black Dahlia (metal leg)
Sunday, 26 June – Bohemian, Richmond
Tuesday, 28 June – Cafe Barcelona, Pretoria
Thursday, 30 June – Firkin, Boksburg

Tuesday, 26 July –Café Barcelona
Thursday, 28 July –Firkin, Boksburg
Saturday, 30 July – Potchefstroom – Bourbon Street (acoustic and bands)
Sunday, 31 July – Bohemian, Richmond

Saturday, 6 August – The Red Door, PMB, KZN
Saturday, 13 August – Black Dahlia (metal leg)
Thursday, 25 August – Mercury Live (Cape Town)
Sunday, 28 August – Bohemian, Richmond
Tuesday, 30 August – Café Barcelona

Saturday, 3 September – Milanos in Vereeniging
Sunday, 25 September – Bohemian
Tuesday, 27 September –Café Barcelona
Thursday, 29 September – Firkin, Boksburg

Saturday, October 8 – Nelspruit
Tuesday, October 25 - Café Barcelona
Thursday, October 27 – Firkin, Boksburg
Sunday, October 30 – Bohemian, Richmond

Finals – Saturday, 3 December

Here is an opportunity for your band to win a R100 000’s worth of prizes ranging from a PA system and musical gear courtesy of Music Mate to studio time thanks to Get Phat Studios and a professionally recorded TV quality EPK by Orange Orbit Productions.

For further information contact the Squire on emergingsounds@mweb.co.za or on 082 770 7524 (after 17:00 on weekdays or any time during weekends).

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