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Events - add to facebook, add gig guide to your website
Music - file sharing, radio


In the effort to create a central point for event promotion we've taken a couple steps forward:

You can now port an event from this site to Facebook Events (unfortunately due to limitations in the Facebook API we can't port the flyer, nor can we invite your friends, yet!). You can add an event while viewing it in the gig guide or upon successful submission.

You may now display the gig guide on your website, if you're a general sort of rock, metal, blues website, radio stations, magazines and the like you might want to display all events.

If you want an events guide for your band, dj or venues website you can chose to display only events that you add on this site. You're site will display only your events but your events will be added to the gig guide on the various sites including this one.

Please contact the webmaster via the contact link in the menu if you want to use the events guide on your site, alternatively keep your eyes peeled for a link on the gig guide page but be aware that this may take a while, especially if little interest is shown.


We'd like to setup a file sharing server to share all the music (and soon music videos) added to this site on all the favorite file sharing networks and methods, eg. simple HTTP interface, FTP, Limewire, KaZaa etc. etc. This server we hope to keep up 24/7!

Once we get a bit of music coming in we'll start speaking to the radio people, more likely places like http://www.rockoutradio.co.za than 5fm and what not.

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