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This not too far out the way venue, was filled with biker from the event prior… and me in my demure way considered it to perhaps be the wrong venue as the signage pointing the way was non existent… perhaps the very cool couple of Danielle the tattoo artist, who reminds me so much of “Kat” from Miami ink on DSTV and Micky her ever attentive hubby who is the originator and organiser… should consider the “passing” crowds and lost revel seekers when it comes to signage…. But be that as it may as the time started ticking away getting closer to the start of the festival, the heaven decided that we were far too dry and …… you guessed it…. pissed all over the place…. but seriously not dampening the feel and spirit.

The first band to grace us was lead by the sexiest vox I have seen…EVER…. Giselle was clad in a cute mini and new rock knee high boots all in black with the rest of the outfit shouting out…. “I am your best wet dream”.
Her accompaniment band, which have all only been playing together for 2 Months…. Included a read headed backup vox and Guitarist Kevin, Daniel on Guit’s as well, brining in the Bass is another Kevin and finally John rounds off the 5 piece band Sweating Blood.
“Everybody will die” their warm up song came in strong with the strings loud and proud….. and when the husky voice of Giselle came into the Frey, all sung and fully appreciated and responded to by the John on his double kicker.

And then there was a break for the rugby to finish… during this time I found out about the Doritos global band search, which as I understand it is literally one month intense search for an original non cover band that is exceptional and that has global appeal.
The song with at happy bar singing feel called “teenagers”, which was received with interest, perhaps by the former sporty patrons but maybe not too much with the hard rock crowd… but never the less it was a catch “lietjie” that got the foot’s tapping
The heavy emo rock styled song “scream” penned by Giselle and basic in its presentation, and consistent in the chord and vocal change.
The into guit work by redheaded Kevin on guit was accompanied by interesting breaks in the melody in the song “Freak Out”, where Giselle’s voice found its footing… the band still very appealing to the hard rock emo’s
Their third song “Everybody will die” was preformed with gusto and received with applause…. Noting that this song was their best so far this set.
The hard intro to “No Pain” was fast, furious and enthusiastically and confidently fingered to death by Daniel on his black shark fin guitar.
“Happy”, a cover song, that was below their previous work; though well presented in the form of musicality, but still not as good as their own work prior… still not bad.

Colourfull Counterfeit (yes the 2 “L” is correct… hey don’t judge…. It is there feel and I have no doubt, for damn good reason)
Meyrand, Pierre, Stephen and Mr Peter, all sat in what was to be a fantastic half mood presentation of the blues laced with rock….
Meyrand the lead vox, harmonicist (if that is actually a word)and rhythm guit sang out the cover song “voodoo child”… with a definite bluesy, Creek, Clearwater and Hooty feel… The lead guit taken up by Pierre who backs up in vocals, expertly “tubed” his strings to bring out the distinctive style of the Deep South of the ol’ US of A….
Mr Peter and Stephen on bass and drums / precessions respectively made up the rest of the quartet…
“Ain’t no Sunshine” and Burn one Down”, the next two songs (the latter being dedicated to Jack Daniels), though also cover versions, were delivered with professionalism and uniqueness…. As Stephen used his arsenal of percussion paraphernalia and the pogo drum to accompany the well timed bass. Pierre played the Mexican solos and then backed up Meyrand with his own version and lyrics… good team work
Their first original “Pussy Galore” showed the audience and hopefully the Doritos video crew, that these guys are great and good enough to tour where ever… I certainly will buy their CD.
This great acoustic band popped in with their next tune, “Rivers”
with a unique blues & Caribbean twist, that made me notice Mr Peter, the bassist who was clad in a wide brimmed hat, and a cigar making him the comfortable candidate for the Photo shoot, advertising this well vocalised song…. **Imagine it … take 10 seconds and close your eyes** Though I thing a pipe would suit him better”
Their final song “White Trash Rock ‘n Roll”, introduced Meyrand and his harmonica, which was highly appreciated and appreciated by the whole crowd…. As the bass and guits played the sounds of a railway track… the mean engine in the form of the great vox, the chugging already taken care of by the guits and the interims rail and wheel “tick”, “tick” so sweetly timed by Stephen…. Together with the voice of this rocking blue’s man, made for a great listen…
Thank you for the treat guys…..

Raven haired, husky voiced, sexy as hell and one heck of a singer of Dementophobia, opened the floor with her powerful voice… Barefoot and face painted, I found this woman so attractive right now…. **Can’t keep up!!** “Let go” the first song allowed me to see all the styles of each musician, though all studying music in its classical form, meld together with the voice of Alicia….
Ashley another cutie, (god I love this business as I get to meet some gorgeous creatures), who expertly and technically kept the beat rocking in the direction these clearly talented musicians were aiming… for a cool finale..
KT the bassist got the crowd hands over their heads clapping to the interlude of the next song “Our Little Secret”, which ended with a rambunctious applaud and cheer from the patrons of Lietjieboer.
The flash of platinum in her Alicia’s hair matched the showmanship (showomanship???) she exuded and complimented the flaring work of Sergio on Guits who double teamed up with long haired guitarist Barry G in their third rendition called “Million Lies”.
All members are students of the fine art of music who performed their chosen love with the skill learned and born with… great work with “Honestly”, which was presented in a slow erotic fashion…. Imagine flowing white lined curtains in the wind … camera moving slowly to a scene unfolding of bodies covered in sheets and sweat writhing in the carnal pleasures of orgasm and sex… love and lust…. Taking you to the highs and lows in the lyric and beat…. Allowing the heart rate to change and move with the motion… .for me… a very sexy song…..
Their finale “Straight Jacket” (about going insane), threw its self at the audience in a hard metal beat and riff that got previous band member of Colourfull Counterfeit on the floor, unashamedly banging their head right in front at the stage edge… The chorus breaks were HARD and HEAVY and the melody was cool and collected…. Really like this song… Dementophobia, ended their set with a bang that has set up the rest of the evening for a great rocking time… lets hope no band fucks up!!!!

The crowd called for them to do one more song, which the enthusiastically responded in the version of Sinhead O’Conner’s Song “” which got the audience screaming their approval

Having already seen this band already at Thornrose Battle of the Bands – 3rd Round at Cool Running’s on the 1st of October, the cute Vox Liezel Marshall, followed by Maryke on Keys, Neils Du Plessis bangin’ the Drums, Bassing it was Gerry Du Plessis finally Deville on Guitar.
From their first song “Please”, just like before opened up the senses and my emotions flowed, witnessing to the lyrics and felling that brought this song into being…The ballad tones played to perfection by Deville.. .another band I will buy the CD just for this one song… (Obvious influence of Alanis Morrisette … but I don’t mind as I fell in love on her music)
“Ek Onthou”, with a twinge of metal and rock again evoked emotions of love and partnership… and I don’t mind saying that it brought a tear to my eye… remembering good time, of being so in love that my breathing is pointless without that person to love and to love me… thank you.
The cover version “Ironic” originally sung by none other than Alanis Morrisette, was interpreted by Liezel and the band, in such a fresh way that I had a new love for AM…..
Their penultimate song “I cannot breathe”, just like at Cool Running’s made the out of town bar and venue spot Lietjieboer humble in the songs of feelings, all written by the vox herself…
Their final number as was their last before at CR, started with a nice harmonic duo with the girls. “Open Up” the title, getting the piano work of Maryke to again shine through… By now they are the only band to get a fair amount of revellers on the floor who were eager to bang their heads to their tune…. All hard and rocked out..
After waiting what seemed like an age We Killed Elvis took the stage as the scheduled band Primitive Anarchists did not pitch … but did say that they were on their way…. I hope so, as then their review… which will happen with or without them, may not be too favourable.

Any way, I digress… We Killed Elvis lead by the whacky guitarist and vox Cornel who took his soft acoustic intro into a growled out shout with a touch of scream in the song “We took Flight”.
Nice working the crowd C and attention to timeous chord changes with Niel on guitar and Pierre on Bass.
The double kicker was rhythmically pounded out on the drums by Jono…
“Scarlet” was intro’d by Niel who was joined by Jono on a thumper note which transformed the song to a delightfully bassed out sound that hinted anxiety and depression in the lyrical rendition sung out by Cornel in his versatile singing manner
Cornel has true showmanship as he introduced the song “Blue Suede Shoes” cover version of and Elvis classic, heavily laden with a strung out double kicker and growls…** Fucking hot boys **… great song to win the “old fogies” over
The next song “My Vampire” was a deep sound of bass by Pierre that got totally finger fucked by delicate lightning chord changes of Cornel.. all intermittently punctuated by the acoustic pauses and drummed out rhythm. The vocals great as ever!
The chorus catchy enough to make you wanna join in.
**I have to mention that the floor was now the fullest it had been all night….**
“Hiding the tragedy with a dash of Sin”, was dominated by the drumming both on the snare and kick drum.., though the reverb of the guits was sweet, the song still remained Jono’s…
The second last song was dedicated to the ladies. “The pant dropper”, whose origins will not be revealed at this time… (must be interesting) Any way, through the riff of talented fingers and the highs and lows of the drumming, a soothing voice from Cornel during the melody caressed my interest and made certain of my attention the whole time the song was on.
I appreciate the unsung & spoken communication between the crew… nice band
A western twang to the last song, with an echoed bass delivered by Pierre, “Even cowboys read the bible” was the hardest song tonight. Though the breaks in rhythm were soft and easy on the ears, the musical instrumental breaks were well co-ordinated and precise..
I would say a hard mix of Muse and Placebo, with a touch of industrial strength rock…YOU guys rocked!!!
There were 2 more song thrown in as a cancellation, and hard were they….. In the interview with Cornel earlier on, he called their style, post hardcore/metal core.
Their Final … final song written by Niel was played for the first time live… and it was really not a bad song and especially since it was their last…. Last… last one….

Primitive Anarchists who finally pitched were lead by the vox and lead guit Mostert, sporting blue hair, then there was the drummer, Jose who has reddishly pink hair and supported by no mop and normal mop chaps on Bass, is Marc and Shaun on the rhythm giuts.. Both of these boys were the backing vocalists as well.
This Punk ‘n Roll band hard sang in the song “Sidewalk Maniacs” which hosted a soft drum with a double speed kicker and simple but effective guit solos from Mostert.
“Rebel” and “Bankrupt” have the similar feel to it with all the band members singing confidently with each other while each member took a stab at a mini solos intermittently amongst the fast paced words and rhymes
The British footballer type song “Moria”, sung by all again, was very punkish in the whole set up, as one would expect from a punk based band.
“On & On” their new song was started off by Shaun who took the lead with fire head Jose then handed the reins over to Mostert who took the song together with the crew to fruition (that means end to all the dumbasses out there)
The clear punk feel evident through out the entire song line up including “Forced Holiday”, which made me think of a naughty kid sulking in the back of the car while his parents drive to some old fucked up holiday destination that hosted zip for kids and only catered for the wrinkled old farts… real rebel music . nice
“Balconies” their final song brought the evening to an abrupt close as the tunes climaxed… good ending… leaving then hanging… Only down fall is that the songs needed way more modern retro and variety… too similar on each take..

Silent Siren the final band for the night started off with lead guitarist Fred intro-ing the song “reclaimed Fate” for the sound check, that allowed the talented Ruan, who at only 18 double kicked a constant exact rhythm on each kick, coupling this with creative crash and ride combo’s.
Louigi on vox has a distinct feel in voice as Metallica, but with nothing of their look… he is his own as the song “The Fallen” showed when he sang it into a hard throat straining verse and rhyme… I liked it!
“Ignoring the Truth”, which Fred started off to be accompanied by David on rhythm guits and Johan who should have been here representing the bass in the crew, but sadly was in an accident on the way here, probable due to the piss pot of a storm a few hours earlier, but never the less they still managed to pull it off….
I loved the way they worked me into the song “Trust” with the basic melody, dotted with interesting plays on the guits….. I am sure the bass would have completed the set but it was still worth listening to…
“Road to Equilibrium”, though similar in sound to the previous renditions, it was still and song and style all of its own.
It seems the crowd were not too happy that they finished their set and requested… nay insisted, they play at least one more song. To which they replied with their latest one, “untitled”. This had the whole crew bouncing to the fantastic rhythm… nice work gents really like this last song the best… hope to see you again…

All in all the music and the event was good, just needed more crowd and signage…. More make better… but I certainly will come again as Micky and Danni have a cool set up happening, fantastic attitude and really care about the music…

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