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Every Tuesday at The Eye of Horus Pub for the next few months rock bands are going to battle their way through to win the ultimate prize, a music video and a photo shoot!

The aim of this competition is to give our local hard rock and rock bands some valuable exposure and also to promote Hard Rock Tuesdays at The Eye of Horus Pub.

The Show:

Three Live Rock Bands every Tuesday. One band will be chosen to go through to the next round by three judges and by you, the fans! The top band from every Tuesday will be announced the following week.

After all the bands have played off against each other, the top bands will play off in a Semi-Final leading up to a massive Final Event to determine the Winning band that will take away the Grand Prize of a music video and photo shoot to the value of R30,000!

Date: Every Tuesday (starting date to be announced soon)
Time: 21:00
Cover: R20

The show will be recorded live by Magic Hour Productions & Waldo Beukes. Then it will be edited and distributed through various channels to give the bands some really great exposure and, if you missed the show, a chance for you to see it again!

After the bands finish playing, the dance floor will open with music played by the best Rock & Hard Rock DJ's.

Subterania Music will also have a stall set up with DVD's, CD's and other merchandise on sale from the best local and international rock & metal bands.

The Bands (in no particular order):

Pariah Born
When Karma Sleeps
Black Market Riot
Killing Strings
Cold Hand Chemistry
The Undefind
All Will Fall

more bands to be announced....

The Judges:
Dave Sass (Owner of Subterania Music, a connoisseur when it comes to anything rock or metal)

Marnus Tredoux (Owner of Magic Hour Producitons, in touch with what the public wants from rock bands)

Waldo Beukes (Sound Engineer, expert in everything technical)

The Prizes:
1st Prize: A professional music video produced and shot by Magic Hour Productions worth R30 000, plus a professional photo shoot.
2nd Prize: A professional photo shoot
3rd Prize: TBA

The Voting:
Every week a picture of each of the 3 bands will be posted under the Photo section of this group. To vote all you need to do is comment on the picture by writing: "Vote" These votes will assist the judges in selecting the winning band.

Also if you vote you will stand a chance to win some great prizes sponsored by The Eye of Horus Pub, anything from Bar Vouchers to Promo Gifts. These prizes will be announced and handed out the following week at The Eye of Horus Pub.

The following week the 3 pictures will be replaced by the next 3 bands for you to vote and keep the competition fair.

The Recording:
Every show will be professionally recorded in HD Video by Magic Hour Productions and the sound will be recorded professionally by Waldo Beukes. Also, before the show, the bands will be interviewed. All this will be edited and distributed through various channels.

If you are in a rock or hard rock band and interested to enter this competition, please contact Ryno at The Eye of Horus Pub at eyeofhoruspub@gmail.com or phone Andy on 0729972535

The Frailposted on Friday 8th of May 2009 at 14:27

Ah I do hate battles with a passion! Its because of these battles that every band is in competition with each other instead of working together to make the South African scene so much better. I was in Australia for a month earlier this year and I learnt how far behind we actually are.
To all organises and venue owners do me a favour and prove to me that the music means more to you than the money!

Hail The Frail

baseman2posted on Tuesday 21st of April 2009 at 09:43

I do agree, it's not easy to run these competitions I myself am one the organizers for Soul of Africa's Battle of the bands for Durbs JHB and CT, so I know what you are going through! Good luck!

posted on Friday 17th of April 2009 at 14:35

Please note i'm not talking about this specific battle of bands compettion, i'm talking here about battle of bands competitions in general...

As a band member, aswell as a fan I also don't like the whole facebook voting thing.
Firstly I hate getting messages from bands saying "please vote for my band..." Why would I vote if I wasn't there?? That's not really fair is it?

Then again, I also dont like the whole voting of the fans at the gig either...
What if a crappy band brings more people to the gig than a newly formed band that is brilliant?

There aren't a lot of people that come watch these competitions that aren't there because one of the band asked them to come.
And the people that are there to watch a specific band aren't open minded enough to think for them selves which band is better, and will end up just voting for there friends band anyway.

The judges vote is what I think should count the most. However...
Ofter the judges are part of the company that give the prize to the winning band.
And they will naturally vote for the band which they think will best promote their company...
which is not necessarily the BEST BAND...

When you get to the finals, you are pretty much left with 3 or 4 good bands.
The "heat" rounds just took out that bands that weren't tight, where bad with the crowd, had bad attitudes, or just sucked.
How do you then fairly judge which band is better than the other?
Assuming they are all tight...etc.etc...
It then goes down to 'What the Judges are looking for" and not , "the best band".

Then another thing I feel is the worst thing about SA music....maybe it's not just SA music, I don't know how it is overseas,
but why is it that if you want to make it in the SA music industry , 95% of it comes down to WHO YOU KNOW....
I think that is so crap, and thats why I can think loads of bands that are way better than aKing (for example)!!!!
Now please give me a moment to vent here......just hear me out...
Do you really think, that if half the members of aKing and Van Coke, didn't come from Fokof, those two bands would actually have made it to be that big in such a short time on there own?
And they managed to do that....even though they are really really boring bands!!????
It makes me so f'ing angry to see bands like that, get to play with Seether... and litrally bore the crowd for 40 min, when I know so many local bands, that would have rocked everyone's faces off if they got the opportunity to play there.
Has anyone actually realy stepd back and listend to some of our "Big SA Bands"?????
and thought, if those guys wheren't from Fokof.etc.....and be objective about it...
I think us as humans, are too easily brain washed...We like that band, because it's "Cool to like them".
We like them because "They played at coke fest". or "becuase the dj on 5fm likes them"
Come on people...

Ok that's my venting done. None of this is meant to offend anyone.
I'm just pissed off that people are so narrow minded and don't think for themselves.

But back to this blog,
Thanks Eye of Horus for this excellent comp...you really gave us as bands something awsome to use later as promotion etc.
You guys really did this comp well. Great sound, amazing quality live video! Thanks alot!

posted on Monday 6th of April 2009 at 10:59

marketing should count the least! It is not about how a band makes their name get out there. You cannot count a battle on marketing. look at how many bands complain about basing a count on flyers that come in the door from the marketing section! How can you ever find out how well a band marketed themselves or not?
I guess you troll every bands marketing areas all the time so you should know everything they did to market the band?
Maybe when people in SA start to look at the music and not at the managers or the marketing sections maybe, just maybe we will start to have the better bands do well and have the best bands go further. Not because one band stood at the door with their friends and their friends handed in 1000 flyers at the door. or because my gran voted on facebook so we can play at a gig that she would never go to... marketing is marketing, leave it where it belongs. when it comes to winning a battle it should be about the voting on the night, not on a facebook vote or anything like that... wake up is what i say! Judges and fans at the show should have a say. Not some dude sitting in his chair naked making a vote on something or basing it on the "marketing" done before the show... the marketing only brings in the drinkers for the venue, hence why people constantly want the bands to market themselves... the organisers and the venues should make more effort to bring people into their venues and gigs as well... the industry needs a wake up call if we are going to yet again go on the whole marketing trip.
if any marketing should be included, it should be based on 10% of marketing. The fan is the one who buys the albums, goes to the gigs and so on. It is the fan who should have 45% of the vote and nail in the coffin should be the 45% to the judges. equal votes count on the night, not on what some facebook punk clicks on... WAKE UP SA~!!!!

posted on Thursday 19th of March 2009 at 17:00

I band should be judged both on and off stage.

I feel Band Marketing should also be part of the judging. Bands need to know it's not just the music side that counts but the Marketing side as well. I am a big believer that Marketing should count 50% and performance should count 40% the 10% should be up to the crowed on the night.

Ryno de Villersposted on Wednesday 18th of March 2009 at 15:12

It was the second show last night. There is no system in the world that everybody will like. We use the people to vote but we also use 3 different judges that knows what they are doing. We do explain all of this to the bands before hand and so itís their choice if they want to enter or not. For R400 all the bands get exposure on TV and their song goes on a DVD. Thatís awesome. The voting system is always an issue and we also had plenty meetings to choose the best one but for various reasons we decided to choose this one. Maybe in future a new system will be used but for now this is all we have.


Owner / Eye of Horus
PS//Thank god I do not have to judge competition.

Asterixposted on Wednesday 18th of March 2009 at 12:53

agreed! I don't smaak these voting systems either, they aren't reliable enough to consider as much of a vote.

The competition started last night, well I think it started last night, I'm pretty sure it has started though.

Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

Skeptikposted on Tuesday 17th of March 2009 at 21:26

The public voting system sucks, public opinion should have fuckal do to with who wins what in these battle of the bands competitions.

I rest my faith in our judges!

John Lennon: "I don't know which will go first, rock 'n' roll or Christianity."

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