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Eeast London live music addicts will get a four-day dose of their fix when the Festival of Music launches at the recently licensed "Musos" venue this week.

The four-day mayhem will feature 25 bands from East London and outside its borders, covering genres like rock, metal, blues and folk. This will be the first music festival in town in a while and should bring a breath of fresh air to the East London music scene. The festival kicks off on Wednesday, September 23 and runs until Saturday, September 26.

Errol Taylor, the owner of Musos and the brains behind the festival, said the main aim of the event was to revive the culture of live music in town.

“East London hasn’t had a festival for some time and this event will, hopefully, get good live music back as well give an opportunity to upcoming musicians to play in front of a crowd. I’m not expecting that to happen overnight but the local musicians are positive about it and I think that if we can get the support of Buffalo City people we can make East London one of the players in live local music, ” said Taylor.

He hopes the variety of music will attract people of different tastes to the gig.

“Our goal is to have every genre of music represented and we will try to concentrate on one genre every day. For instance, we will kick off on the Wednesday night with a metal concert. Then the Thursday is to start around 2.30pm with some mellow acoustic stuff, building the tempo up into the evening and into the night but concentrating on acoustic, folk and blues.”

On Friday it’s punk, indie alternate rock with some hip- hop rock thrown in.

Some of the bands who will perform include Dave Goldblum, Jack Rabbit Slims, For the Forgotten, PrimEra, The Dead Will Tell, BEE, Dear Martyr and CatLike Thieves.

Musos, which is on Thornvlei Road near Gonubie, is one of the new entertainment establishments in town. It has hosted a number of gigs since it started operating in January.

The venue has a barnyard type atmosphere and takes between 120 to 350 people. Their first gig was at the end of March and they got their liquor licence last Friday.

“The business is picking up and I’m hoping it will go forward, as not having a licence was holding me back. I would like to see the venue becoming a seven-day venue for live performances,” said Taylor.

The cost of a four day pass is R100 and it can be purchased at Lee Gold Music. The cost per day is R30 at the door. For more information call 0824465258.

Asterixposted on Tuesday 22nd of September 2009 at 17:07

Good stuff! Let us know what it's like yeah? Guess the hangover helps if nerves were a problem....

Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

MetaLhotHeaDposted on Tuesday 22nd of September 2009 at 15:56

Me and a few friends are going to this event because its not everyday you hear about a music festival, i really hope this is going to be worth the effort but what ever may happen we are still going to write test next week with a hangover, yeah

Guestposted on Tuesday 22nd of September 2009 at 14:33

Finally some good news for some genuine folk!

Asterixposted on Tuesday 22nd of September 2009 at 12:39

Looks like a good venue! Been there? What do you reckon? It's good to see venues popping up in locations such as these.

There's undoubtedly talent and likely little else for musicians to do but practise as there aren't any venues hosting bands. Who knows, maybe we'll start hearing some new sounds soon.

Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

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Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

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