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Broken Truce hit the studio (Redroom Records) this weekend to record Stonefish.

We've decided to make the download available for free as a marketing tool and to give back to the fans who in turn are allowed to share the track.

We also created "The Pack" where hardcore fans of Broken Truce can register on our site ( and receive all downloads before they are made available for the public.

"The Pack" members will also be treated to need to know news only aimed at the members, secret gigs and events and a whole lot of other things that we plan for the future. The only thing we ask in return is to spread the word about Broken Truce.

We received the 1st mix of Stonefish today and have to say we've been blown away! The track will be made available for download to "The Pack" members first.

If you'd like to join the pack then please register yourself and follow us on twitter ( as that will be the medium to communicate when "The Pack" members should login to see/download the goodies :)

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