Full Moon Alternative Lounge - Menlyn/Pretoria - 4th September 2009

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Indietronic Spring Bash

This alternative venue, tucked so nicely away in the Hazzelwood Suburb in Menlyn Pretoria area is certainly, for me a cliché in the making….. an oasis in the desert… ( Actually I got so fukkin’ lost, my joint was the only thing that focussed me enough to find this hidden little gem.

Simple black based with red accented décor on the outside, so dark and demur that I missed the entrance totally…. Following through the black padded door one walks straight into a well lit bar serviced by pretty much the true alternative followers; crazy haired and wide eyed chap and dark eye-shadowed, raven haired, sexy figured “don’t fuck with me” door and bar chicks…, lead by part owner Eugene….(true to his nature in look and wardrobe)

The large bar area was separated by two corner set couches and a few tabled benches from the dance floor, which was about 25m2 and at the foot of a small but impressively lit stage; haunted by the colours, the strobe, the black light and smoke… I instantly liked this place… with its black based with red accents and great sounds from Safi Soundz Full Moon Alternative Lounge (FMAL) can go places.

The varied looking clientele (in the fashion sense you twits……..hehe) including a returning expatriate from England … whom I will call Jackie* (name changed to save her face) who, although had one of the trendiest goth outfits on, still looked out of place on her high platforms adorned with spikes as she could not stop pouting and posing. **actually reminded me of the movie Zoolander… in which she was the chick version of Eric Zoolander… quite sad actually**.
There was also a couple of trendy wannabe’s who dressed in their yellow and blue checked shirts, with rolled up sleeves, colour coordinated takkies and pants that took the floor with a masked vigour as they certainly did not fit in to the vibe…. But …. Yes, I have a but already, …. They may have looked different to the expected, but still took to the floor with enthusiasm and delight when the first band, Runica (which is an ancient Slovacian writing which was deciphered by using Germanic Runes and of Glagolica (ancient Slovac script) Very interesting name…

Runica a four man crew… actually a 3 man crew and one awesome, technically capable drummer, Simone.
Fronted by Stephan who was clad in a lime green t-shirt (actually some sick favourite colour of mine…), red latex pants….and…. wait for it…. a head of hair, spiked beyond what the old Milligan or Lee could ever muster, even if it was for their name sake…. Cool man… I dig the feel!…
Perhaps the same feel all round for the rest of the crew… similar to the promo photo shoot on their web sitewww.runica.co.za ….. not a fucking uniform… just showmanship and feel as much as Steph is…. I believe that presentation sells the product… but that is just my opinion…. And you guys sure know how to bring out the best in the drums and voice respectively…
Not forgetting…. You though I had ?? NEVER… The Ensemble could not have been completed with out the guitar work of Mark and bass rhythms of Paul.

The sound check was actually an unexpected treat as, while I was enjoying my whisky on the rocks, sitting in the prime-est spot in the place…. on the couch with my arms on the back ends, looking sexy I might add… hehe.. Stephan and Mark did a haunting due (goes with the feel …) with a simple melody and song called Time before time. At the end of this sound check of excellent proportions, I had not only not moved from my present position, whisky un touched, mouth opened, gobsmacked, but I think that they may have kicked in a slight buzz from my spliff earlier drawn on the way there…..

I was in for an interesting evening..

That was about 19h30 … and the place was slowly gaining patrons….. but it wasn’t until about 21h00 when they finally took stage…. And did they take stage…?? Fuck Yeah!!
Their first song was but a warm up for the rest to follow, which included the same song used as the warm up… I was highly entertained by the end of this tune.
The stage presence was ignited by the impressive and precise drum work of Simone and of course the captivating voice of Steph.
Well done to the lighting coordination for this song as it was perfectly timed… great execution guys….
Their third song “Time before time” took a different twist from the powerful singing in a indie/rock come goth/retro feel of their previous two songs to a competent guitaring and scream of a metal mouth… true alternative mix in my eyes.

The rest of their set was a dance of light and shadows on the wall behind Simone…
Just like Kali the multi-armed Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy, she undulated the shadowy arms while beating her drums and symbols into submission.
Not to be over shadowed (no pun intended, though pretty good though) by her performance, both Mark and Paul rippled their fingers with ease along their strings and made their respective guitars sing,… and sing they did… in a dance with Stephan’s voice, Simone’s beats and the vibe of the FMAL... and this was just the first band….

During the intermission and setup between the two bands, I was highly amused and the girl I will not name, as he posing became the buzz of the place…. she pouted herself into humiliation… and didn’t even know it… She needed to chill and be herself… Pretentia does not work in home grown roots level…
**Shame I feel like a prick by saying that…. But I say’s what I see’s**

Be that as it may, I was astounded by the next and final band for the evening Scenery, who like most of the local metal bands, don’t look like much until the y start playing and open their mouths…. As in this case!

Their intro was hard and furious with a twist in the interlude in their tune, similar to the flavour of the “Beasty Boys’ song – Nelly the Elephant”. I was now starting to listen more intensively as the floor started to fill and the drummer HW started to express his interpretation of the first song… I was starting to enjoy my whisky a little more..
Their second song came out slowly but continued into a great bass brought on by Jaco and accompanied by Hennie on guitar

The floor only started to rock when their 3rd song was played. All stayed through to enjoy the next 2 songs, which, as in their whole make up, seems to echo musical influences of System of a Down and Muse…. I was getting more impressed… For what they lacked in showmanship, they have made up for in talent and musical content.
Their 6th tune started in a falsetto voice, not commonly heard in the heavier genre …. But fuck a duck.…. It worked, as the drummer harmonised so well with the front man George whose range and professional approach blew me away.… right up until their last song I was enthralled by the music that Lead Vox George, Hennie on Guit and backing vox, Jaco taking up the Bass and drummer HW who was also a backing vox, together put out. The only down fall I have, are their outfits…. As always I am a great believer in presenting a package that everyone wants to open… ….. Like the layers of a an egg… you truly cannot get to the yolk without going through the shell.

All in all it was a great evening and I can highly recommend that you go to this quaint little gem in the middle of suburbia, Full Moon Alternative Lounge...

Again I have to say that Scenery really blew me away and even more so wit the cd that I listened to on the way home….

I have to say that since The Kings of Leon, whom have changed my life inexplicably, as not only did I make love on them, I also fell in love on them, and found that my mind is open to more possibilities to life and sound… these guys are my new favourite band from the Kings…. Way to go lads!!!

Guestposted on Wednesday 13th of January 2010 at 23:42

Oh gawd, Runica nags and whines, no one knows wtf they're on about. Dressing up like Santa doesn't hide their crap gothic antics- you shouldnt crawl up their arses so much... And what does a pouting slut have to do with the music?/

Philskyposted on Friday 2nd of October 2009 at 05:11

Sweet Bro... Will Correct.


Warmest Regards

Philip Howard

Phil~Sky Productions inc.
SKYE Models
Journalist, Reviewer, Events Coordinator
Artist, MC,

Skullyposted on Wednesday 16th of September 2009 at 10:06

Well written article!

Just one thing, Full Moon is in Maroelana, not Hazelwood. Maroelana is bordered by Alphen Park & Hazelwood.

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