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Pre-event chills are settled solidly with the consumption of a Savana, a couple Castles, a Black Label and some other strange tasting brew... weird afternoon! Ring ring! Hola! We're moving, rolling into drive-ways and waiting for the inhabitants of the houses to surface. Somebody produces a litre of coke to which we add the rest of that nasty rum and bounce the bottle. Everybody knows the deal, Juggernaught are down from Pretoria and playing in a small spot renowned for awesome sound, it's down a dark passage between two other "alternative" clubs on a dodgy street. Just the kind of place you'd expect to find a bunch of hardened Rock 'n' Roll fans... unfortunately you'd be wrong.

We're early so I pay my way into the only open club, this gives me access to a free bar which serves singles to the masses of wimpy children partying it up to some shitty "rock" music, some of them call it metal or possibly emo... I just know it's terrible stuff. Fuck it, I'm buying beer! The gig is up-stairs, the people are ignorant of this.

Opening band The Bone Collectors are from Cape Town and so the show starts late. They've got some pretty groovy feels going but didn't quite get my head into gear. The idea is there, bluesy rock, influences such as the Doors, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Tom Waits and the likes. A more open and mellow venue would have suited them best; tables, chairs and a heck of allot of beer. Some nice work on the sax!

The okes from Juggernaught started gearing up, I reckoned they'd quickly adapt to Cape Town times but it wasn't long before they began shaking the walls. The big bearded hairy scary mother fuckers were half way through a number when I made it up the stairs. Seriously bad rock music, ZZ Top bad! Playing to a small crowd on a Thursday night they lay down some fat lines and heavy riffs. The people slowly start crawling out of the woodwork, rockers are struck by chords and some mean lead guitar or vocals and don't leave for anything but drinks. The booze situation was starting to tick me off big time. You can see these dudes are into their music, exuding confidence they're not afraid to slow things down, bring 'em to a simmer and then start cooking it good. All of course while remaining under that "heavy" flag. Ozzy screams in my head; Rock 'n' Roll!

From shady bits of memory I've tried to piece together what went down that night. Unfortunately for you readers I became part of the crowd, drunk as a skunk and enjoying a proper rock jol for the first time in ages.

You can get the "Act of Goat" album at their gigs but it will be available in stores before year-end. For now download their four song demo EP "Man Rock - Part I", join their mailing list and read more about Juggernaught on their website (mentioned below). Keep a vigil for a gig near you or even consider a night in Blue Bull country....

Booking, contact, website and networking details;
Contact Herman on 0795227381 or at juggernaughtsa@gmail.com to book the band.
Website: http://www.juggernaught.co.za
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JUGGERNAUGHT/8649989211?ref=mf
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/juggernaughtsa
Twitter: http://twitter.com/juggernaughtsa

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