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Classic Rock can confirm that the new Kiss album will be called Sonic Boom – and we’ve got the full track listing. Not only that, but we’ve heard six of the album’s 11 songs!

Classic Rock’s Geoff Barton was invited to an exclusive preview of the new Kiss album this past Friday (August 14), in the convivial company of Doc McGhee, the band’s manager.

"Kiss promised to deliver a back-to-their-roots album and that’s exactly what we’ve got," Barton reports, "recorded in the old-fashioned, analogue way, it sounds spectacularly good – no ProTools nonsense in evidence here."

"The interesting thing is, it’s not simply a homage to the band’s first few albums. There are even nods to records such as [1982’s] Creatures Of The Night, which had Vinnie Vincent, Bob Kulick and others guesting on guitar. Kiss seem to have cleverly combined the best of all their eras into a single winning package."

The CD set will retail for just $12 on the other side of the pond. "I actually wanted to make Sonic Boom available as a download for a dollar, but I was overruled," McGhee chuckled.

"I still think it’s a great idea. Millions of people would’ve downloaded it, I guarantee. At just a dollar a throw, it would’ve been the bargain of the century."

McGhee is delighted that Kiss decided to play to their strengths on Sonic Boom. “It’s exactly want people want: the classic Kiss sound played by the band looking like they’ve always done: Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Kitty Kat.

"Kiss are like James Bond or Mickey Mouse. They’re not simply a band, they’re a remarkable brand. They’re timeless; they’re part of the fabric of rock ’n' roll and they’ll likely go on forever."

Sonic Boom Track Listing
1. Modern Day Delilah
2. Russion Roulette
3. Never Enough
4. Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
5. Stand
6. Hot and Cold
7. All for the Glory
8. Danger Us
9. I'm an Animal
10. When Lightning Strikes
11. Say Yeah

Produced by PAUL STANLEY
Co-produced by Greg Collins

Kiss Klassics Track Listing
1. Deuce
2. Detroit Rock City
3. Shout it out Loud
4. Hotter than Hell
5. Calling Dr. Love
6. Love Gun
7. I Was Made for Lovin' You
8. Heaven's on Fire
9. Lick it Up
10. I Love it Loud
11. Forever
12. Christine Sixteen
13. Do You Love Me
14. Black Diamond
15. Rock and Roll all Nite

Kiss Bonus Live DVD Track Listing

1. Deuce
2. Hotter than Hell
3. C'mon and Love Me
4. Watchin' You
5. 100 000 Years
6. Rock and Roll all Nite

Guestposted on Thursday 20th of August 2009 at 10:22

Kiss recently posted the first track of the album on their website, you can listen at - it's not that great to be honest.

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