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Source: Shanu Van Der Berg

It's not often we have big names performing in South Africa, and even more seldom we have big names worth listening to. Imagine my delight when the rumours of a Deep Purple performance started doing the rounds! Despite the pricey tickets, I figured no price would be too high for the privilege of a live performance from one of my all-time favourites.

So off we went to Grand West's Arena. The show started with Wishbone Ash giving an excellent performance. Their sounds was rich and melodious, and their stage presence impressive to say the least. Next up was Uriah Heep, who would probably have been equally brilliant had the sound been better balanced. Unfortunately the instruments completely overpowered the vocalist, but it was nevertheless obvious that this was a talented band.

After a short break, the audience returned to the arena for the long-awaited Deep Purple. The lights went out, and the crowd went mad. After a moment of excited hysteria, the arena fell silent, crackling with anticipation. And then the sound of Prokofiev's dramatic "Montagues and Capulets" filled the arena, so loud that I could feel it resonating in my bones (a sure sign of good sound!). As the Prokofiev track ended, the lights went on to reveal Deep Purple on stage. They jumped straight into the first number and performed several pieces back-to-back before the crowd had a chance to show their approval. What can I say they're as good as they were on the LP's I grew up with! The guitar and keyboard solos were thoroughly mind-blowing, and the crowd loved every minute of it!

The evening ended with the ever popular "Smoke on the Water", brilliantly performed.

Without a doubt, this show was worth every cent and the aching feet that carried us out of the arena. Despite the rude and incompetent staff at Grand West, the evening was superb, and I sincerely hope we will be seeing more of the same high standard of music in future!

~ Svdb
Cape Town, South Africa.

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