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Ahem...firstly, thank you for everyone for your feedback re the Bangon song and we are pleased to announce that we will be marching right into the history books to “Walk” by the immortal Pantera.
Making it smack with extra juiciness will be our “Cowboys From Hell” and they are, in no particular order:

Herman - Juggernaught – Vocals
Cliff – Agro – Vocals
Dwayne – Sacrifist – Vocals
Jared – Chromium –Vocals
Van – AOA – Vocals
Justin – Chromium - Vocals
Shane, Nick – Agro - Guitars
Shaun – Chromium - Bass
Tom – Haggis & Bong, All Forlorn – Drums

An epic performance in itself!

Right, now as we need everyone's names there will be plenty time to jot your sig at the gate or in the bar during the Friday night and Saturday morning. You will get a blue armband to signify that we have got your name and we should start at around 2pm on the Saturday afternoon. An area in front of the stage will only then be cordoned off and cool people like Schecter and Dean will be throwing out hampers. Jagermeister also have an awesome setup to keep everyone merry and well-oiled ;)

For the purposes of this record, the act of headbanging is defined as follows:
‘The process of rhythmically moving one’s head in an emphatic forward/backward or up/down motion in time with music’

We will be filming this and there will be various media and photographers snapping us in action.
The song is only 5:15 long and we've all banged for far longer than that!

Oh, and take a gander on our website at our hit map, the world is watching, fellow Troopers!
Time to show them our mettle!

"Maybe it's not on top of the charts, but we're still standing strong. So we'll be here forever.
United and hard we stand." - Dimebag Darrell, RIP

Motherfoodddposted on Tuesday 2nd of March 2010 at 20:46

Get your tickets now as we may have to close sales without warning!!!!

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