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The Plug & Play initiative got started in 2008 at Café Arc, but really it's something bands have been doing for ages in venues the world over. We had a such a success at Zeplins wonderboom in 2009 that we decided that it is time for Plug & Play 2010 to take place at Full Moon Lounge, Hazelwood.
Essentially it is an Open Mic Night with a face lift, and RockingSA is reviving the vibe of the Open Mic Nights that used to happen at the erstwhile Nile Crocodile. Pretoria does not have a venue that hosts an Open Mic Night on a regular basis… until now, so this is the perfect opportunity to showcase a newly formed band or a band that want to get ready for a big show, on Thursday nights at Full Moon in Hazelwood, Menlyn. Plus we have a guest artist at every show and in the month of June it will be Historical screams and a lot more.
The concept this year works a little differently. Three to Four bands perform on the night and entry for each band is R200 for twenty tickets. If a band wants to pick a time slot to play, they buy 10 extra tickets for R100. The bands can sell these tickets for R20 each and get their money back plus and extra R200 or they can sell the tickets to get their money back and give the rest away (there is no guest list so if the band wants to bring guests they can give tickets to their guests).

The extra incentive for bands to take part in Plug & Play is that every sixth week a competition between the top four bands of the previous four weeks takes place with 1st prize a paid gig at Full Moon that consist of money upfront and a percentage of the door, 2nd place wins R300 from RockingSA and 3rd place gets a case of beer. The 2nd and 3rd placed bands will also play with the band that won the paid gig. (The 2nd and 3rd prize will only be given out on the night of the paid gig)

For the final, the top four bands buy 40 tickets each for R400. If they want to pick a slot they also buy 10 extra tickets for R100. The same conditions apply as with the previous rounds.

The winning band's paid gig will take place on a Friday and is announced by Full Moon.

• Sets are 30min long with 10min change over (5 min up and 5 min off stage). RockingSA decides which band plays first (unless the bands bought ten additional tickets for R100).

• Just bring your instruments, including snares, cymbals, pedals, guitar amp, Bass amp and you plug in and play. A drum kit is provided to play on for R30 per band extra.

Submissions are open for Thursday 10 June, 17 June & 24 June.
The Plug & Play Monthly Final will take place on 15 July 2010

Plug & Play 1 (February) @ Full moon Winners was Historical Screams, Symphalt & BackMouth. The paid gig is happening on Friday the 9th July.

So come and jam for your Peeps or if you are a Peep come and enjoy an evening with your favourite band and see your work week blues disappear.

Mail Fanie of RockingSA at or phone him on 082 3922148 for more information or to enter your band.

Plug & Play 2 Launch Party
3 June @ Full Moon
With Their Death Becomes Her, Vortex & many more bands.
Cover R20 Show starts at 21:00
All night specials – Tequila + Black Label R15
9 – 10 pm Double wellington or Vodka + mix R15
Submissions are open for Thursday 10 June, 17 June & 24 June.
The Plug & Play Monthly Final will take place on 15 July 2010
27 Maroelana Street, Hazelwood, Pretoria. Take Charles Str from Atterbury, turn left into 25 avenue turn right by the circle, turn left into 22nd street by the Maroelana board. Go down two blocks turn in by Maroelana centre.

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