Results of the EYE of HOrus Finals!!

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30 From Ace
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The crowd broke into a loud roar as the MC announced the first band for the night 30 From Ace. The smoke was thick the air was hot and heavy but 30 From Ace had been preparing for this moment and knew what was expected of them...and what they would give wouldn't be less than 100 %.
The crowd were insane! Singing along with the tunes and chanting ACE ACE ACE ACE!
As FireFly, Cold Hand Chemistry and Pariah Born hit the set they entertained the crowd and even had the guys from 30 From Ace enjoying their music and rocking it out.
But when the time came there could only be one winner, with all bands putting up such great performances it was a close call for the judges and with over 400 votes in total amongst the bands they had to recount to make sure.

A nervous silence came over the bands as they waited in suspense. "And in 3rd place we have Pariah Born" announced the MC and the crowd cheered for the band "And in 2nd place we have Cold Hand Chemistry" again the crowd showed its appreciation to the band.
This was it this was the moment that everyone was waiting for it was between FireFly and 30 From Ace...
"And the winner of, an international photo shoot, tatoo vouchers, recording time and that grand prize of a music video to the value of R30,000 and the band in first place at the Eye of Horus Pub The eye of Rock Live band Competition is...."

"30 FRoM AcE!!!!"

All the lads jumped up and down with their heads to the sky and screaming! "YEAH!!!!" The crowd went off their rockers, lights flashed cameras were in their faces and we were just over the moon. This is what will ultimately help us further with our career and give SA some great quality music that all can enjoy!

With this we would like to thank all the judges of The Eye of Rock for the insane journey that we had and a big thank you to the fans for the support! We played along side some AWESOME BANDS! It was definitely a final cos the bands rocked!
So until next week this 30 From Ace saying THANK YOU AND have a fantastic week!!

Much love
30 From Ace


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