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Authentic Ideas and the Lucky Fish Music Festival are proud to announce the inclusion of Rodriguez on the bill for this year’s line up. Rodriguez is the second international act to be announced for the 2009 programme. Australian hardcore band, Parkway Drive was announced earlier this year.

Rodriguez is currently one of the world's biggest cult musicians with fans all over the world from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, to UK and across the USA. However, it was not until 15 years ago, when he was rediscovered working on a building site, (by a local journalist and other enthusiasts who had embarked on a campaign to find him); did the songwriter and singer of "Sugar Man" and "I Wonder" realise that his defining album "Cold Fact" (1970) had become a cult classic and that he was a beacon of revolution for the people of South Africa. Rodriguez had completely turned his back on the music industry after his albums "Cold Fact" and "Coming From Reality" (1972) were unsuccessful.

While his music career faded to little more than a memory in his life, Rodriguez lived an unobtrusive existence, unaware that his legend continued to grow in the Southern Hemisphere. "Cold Fact" became a word of mouth success especially amongst the youth in the South African armed forces that identified with his counter-cultural bent. Many thought Rodriguez was dead and his album went platinum in South Africa without him ever earning one cent. Today Rodriguez is spoken of in the same reverent tones as The Doors and Jimi Hendrix.

Since 1994, when he was "rediscovered", Rodriguez returned to South Africa and Namibia four times and his albums have been released on CD worldwide. In 1998 Rodriguez featured in a television documentary "Dead Men Don't Tour". After more than 35 years it seems that the wheel of fortune is finally turning and Rodriguez’s fame is rapidly growing in his home town Detroit and throughout the USA. His albums are being re-released and there is a documentary movie being made about the “Sugarman” himself.

In 2001, Rodriquez completed a 16 date tour of South Africa. The final performance was held at Woodstock 3 and many thousands of fans turned out to sing-a-long with their hero. This unifying and electric performance is one of the reasons Lucky Fish approached his management team for inclusion on this year’s festival. Says festival director, Nancy Hillary, “Watching Rodriguez perform at Woodstock was one of the most powerful backstage moments of my life. The pure love that emanated from the audience to the stage had me on the verge of tears. It is one of my favourite Woodstock memories, and that feeling of love, unity and happiness is something that the Lucky Fish Festival wants to instil in its patrons.”

The Lucky Fish Music Festival takes place at the Route 28 Resort in Jagfontein, just outside of Westonaria in Gauteng in the beginning of September. The festival features four days of live music, deejays, fashion, flea-markets, beer tents, a wide variety of food, swimming, games, comedy and adhoc performances.

Local band submissions are currently being accepted and the first few local artistes will be announced in the coming weeks. Bands and artistes wishing to submit for consideration should send a brief biography, myspace links and contact details to Absolutely no MP3’s will be accepted!

Tickets are available through Computicket at the early bird price of R220 until the beginning of July and thereafter become R320 and R350 at the gates of the event. Bulk tickets can be purchased directly through Authentic Ideas.

Food and flea-market traders that wish to get involved in the event should contact for application documents.

The Lucky Fish Festival is more than a once a year festival. There are several warm up events and mini concerts leading up to the event and strings of audition nights for young bands. The festival is also actively involved in The Durex Ultimate Battle, providing platforms for winners and chosen bands throughout the contest. This year the Lucky Fish Music Festival will also showcase at the Outdoor Expo over the 6th and 7th of June and at the Mediatech Expo over the 23 - 25th of June.

Fans on facebook are used to the regular “Reasons to be called a Lucky Fish” discount offers that happen once a month for shows around the country. “Lucky Fish is a celebration of our music and lifestyle. It’s our way of saying thank you for all of the support over the years and months and we want to reward our community for their avid support.” Clint McKeon, Festival Director.

A bit of info on the Festival

LUCKY FISH is situated at the Route 28 Resort in Jagfontein. The resort features open camping areas, hot showers, ample ablution blocks, a stunning swimming pool with lapa areas, a hall and two permanent bars amongst other features. The venue perimeter is secured with electric fencing and has permanent cell phone signal. There is more than ample secure overnight and day parking. The venue has hundreds of baby trees, but it is recommended that campers bring gazebos or other shade generating items for this year.

The LUCKY FISH Festival runs from the 3rd of September to the 6th of September 09. The gates will open at 12:00 on Thursday the 3rd.

From Johannesburg: Take the N12 to Potchefstroom. There are no toll gates, just keep going straight until you get to the R28 four-way intersection. Turn left at the intersection onto the R28. Travel for approximately 10 km`s and follow the signs. There will be a slip road on your left which takes you directly to the festival gates approximately 400 metres up the road on the right hand side.
From Krugersdorp: Take the R28 to Westonaria. At the R28/N12 intersection, start counting approximately 10 km`s. Follow the signs to the festival. After approximately 10 km`s, there will be a slip road on your left which takes you directly to the festival gates approximately 400 metres up the road on the right hand side.

Route 28 Resort, Jagsfontein, Greater Westonaria
Latitude: 26°24`56.47" S
Longitude: 27°43`6.58" E

LIVE LINE UP: Bands are currently being added to the line up.

Artiste submissions for the festival are open, any artistes wishing to apply should send a 100 word biography to with contact details and links to music. No MP3s will be accepted.

Current Line Up:

• Parkway Drive (Australia)
• Cutting Jade (PTA)
• HiKaToRi (JHB)
• New Found Disorder (JHB)

Food stalls, flea-markets, clothing stalls and any other traders should please email for relevant trader`s application forms and information. Special preference is given to arts and crafts, fashion and lifestyle stalls as well as exciting and different foods.

The LUCKY FISH Music festival is situated in Jagsfontein, just outside of Westonaria. It might sound far, but actually, it`s just up the road, South West of Johannesburg and the nice thing about it is that you do not ever have to leave a tar road to get there!

LUCKY FISH is a camping event. You don`t have to camp if you don`t want to, but there is plenty of space for camping. The sites are especially demarcated and ushers will bring you into the festival and fill up the camp sites sequentially. Please follow the usher`s directions. There is no electricity at this stage for caravans but you are welcome to bring them if you want.

Route 28 is a brand new resort that we are busy developing and one of the areas that we are short of at this early stage is shade. If you are able to bring shade cloth or gazebos for your camping area, then please do so. Please remember that because conditions are dry, fires spread more easily and you must look after your camp fire at all times.

There are some braai areas, but you are entitled to bring your own as well. We have ‘spray` lights throughout the festival lighting up the area, but just in case, you might want to bring your own battery powered lamps or torches so that you can make your own way home at night.

Cell Phone Reception:
We have boosted cell phone signal for the duration of the festival from all network providers. The Thank Goodness Store will also be selling airtime and will have place for you to charge your cell phones free of charge throughout the festival.

Cars and Parking:
Campers can park their cars next to their camping spots at no additional charge. Day visitors can park in a demarcated separate secure field in the resort at a parking charge of R10. Any campers blocking exits, entrances, roads or emergency vehicle routes will have their cars impounded and removed from the resort.

What to bring:
Caps, sun block, insect repellent, wet wipes, food, drinks in plastic containers, dustbin bags, firewood, charcoal, umbrellas, shade cloth, tents, sleeping blankets, friendly disposition, your best friends.

What not to bring:
Please do not bring any weapons, drugs, dangerous items, flammable gas, pets of any kind, loud car boot music, any glass containers and bad attitudes.

When can we arrive?
Any time from Thursday the 3rd of September 2009 at 12:00 noon.

When should we leave?
Any time on Sunday the 6th of September 2009.

Are my children safe?
Children under the age of 15 should be accompanied to the festival by a responsible parent or adult but all care is taken to ensure the safety of everyone. If your child is under age, please do not allow them to bring any alcohol to the festival. Under eighteen`s are not permitted alcohol by law.

There are many bars at LUCKY FISH situated all over the resort. Each main arena has it`s own bar and there are two big beer tents right in the heart of the festival. There will also be satellite bars in the camping areas. The bars run from mid morning to 2am each night. Alcohol is not permitted to anyone under the age of eighteen under any circumstances. Please drink responsibly. It is a long weekend, a lot of hot sun and excitement. Pace yourself so that you don`t miss out on any of the action and make sure that you eat properly and drink lots of water throughout the day. You may bring alcohol to the festival, but please make sure that you bring it in plastic. Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED to be brought into the main entertainment area.

There is firewood available for sale on site and you are welcome to bring your own as well. Please be responsible with your braai area. Do not park too close to the fire. Do not stoke your fire with petrol from your car. Do not leave your fires unattended. Do not camp on top of your fire as tents are extremely flammable!

Please keep checking this website for competitions on this website as well as through local radio and TV shows. Most campus radio stations in the country are running promotions for at least two weeks leading up to the festival. There are many magazines and newspapers with great competitions as well. Throughout the weeks, you will also see a series of competitions on the website calling for street teams, photographic competitions, voting on your favourite bands etc.

Entertainment is the key factor at LUCKY FISH and we have attempted to make sure that all types of entertainment is represented. The festival is packed from start to finish with games, competitions, bands, deejays and sports.

A full programme will be posted on the website 2 weeks prior to the festival and a free festival programme will be presented to you on arrival at the festival.

There are many games and competitions throughout the festival as well as freebies and drinking games and other things to keep you amused and on your toes.

Please help to keep us as environmentally friendly as possible. Bring rubbish bags to keep your area clean. (There will be some given out at the event and some available at The Thank Goodness Store.) All rubbish bags will be collected by our cleaners and sorted into the relevant recycling bins. Please leave glass at home. Remember that sweet drinks bring bees and if you are going to drink sweet sodas, throw your cans into sealed bags to prevent the insects from being attracted to the sugar.

There are many food stalls on site with a very wide variety from standard festival food of burgers and hot dogs, to vegetarian food and health foods. We try to have as much variety as possible. If you wish to trade in food at the festival, please refer to the trader`s section on this website.

You will be able to buy a different meal for every moment of the day for every day that you are there as well as all the festival prerequisites of hot dogs and hamburgers, chip ‘n dip, pancakes and all the goodies that you have become used to eating at big outdoor festivals.

If you are going to bring your own braai packs, keep them out of the sun so that they don`t go rotten and please dispose of empty packs in your rubbish bags so that you don`t stink up your camp site or get food poisoning.

For safety reasons: please do not bring any glass bottles onto the resort.

There will be many fun things to do throughout the weekend, a full list of games will be posted closer to the event. The festival also has tons of giveaways and freebies in all the different areas throughout the weekend from our great partner companies.

Westonaria is a hot and dry part of Gauteng. Spring would have only just kicked in, so there is little chance of rain or fully leaved trees. The entertainment areas are all situated on one very large field under the African sun which could mean that you could end up with sun burn and ruining your fun if you don`t take the necessary precautions. Please bring sun block, caps, umbrellas, shade cloth or shady gazebos. Try to stay in the shade during the extreme heat of the day. There are medics on site (check your venue layout guide for their location), but please don`t over work them with sunstroke cases! Remember to drink lots of fresh water. The Hydration Station is on hand for you to buy a bottle and get free ice cold purified fresh water the entire weekend. Bring lip ice! The Thank Goodness Store will have sun block, caps, lip ice, ice-cream and ice on sale if you forget to bring any of these things.

There are lockers available for rent in The Thank Goodness Store. These are limited and on a first come first served basis. The lockers will be big enough to safely store your Laptop, MP3 players, car keys, Cell phones, cameras, wallets and other items. They will have combination locks on them and a 24hour security guard looking after them.

If you find any lost property on the site, please bring it to The Thank Goodness Store. There is a Lost and Found section located in this store which is open 24 hours a day. Leave your expensive items at home, we cannot guarantee that anyone will hand in expensive phones or iPods that fell out of your pockets whilst dancing.

Please help us keep this festival, friendly and crime free by bringing in all lost items and reporting any suspicious behaviour to the security crew.

There are highly qualified medics on site to deal with any emergency. Please locate them as you arrive just in case of an unfortunate situation. Your LUCKY FISH Festival Programme at the gate will also have a site map with the medics clearly marked on it. Look after your friends and let`s give the medics a quiet and gentle weekend!

All media wanting to be involved in the festival should contact for accreditation. Accreditation is usually supplied to media who provide pre-event exposure.

There will be a large merchandise area with all the bands t-shirts and cd`s and other merchandise available throughout the weekend at The Thank Goodness Store. Credit card and debit card facilities are also available in this store as well as an FNB ATM. Bands will meet fans after their performances for signing sessions.

LUCKY FISH is for nice friendly people that just want to have fun. If you have a personality problem, anger management issues, general anti-social behavioural problems, please don`t come to our festival.

The campsites at LUCKY FISH are marked off and in blocks with roads in between the sites. You may park your car next to your camp site. There is separate parking for day visitors, please follow the directional signs. Please make sure your car is parked properly off the road as we need to use the roads for cleaning vans and water trucks. Please park your cars responsibly and out of the way of campfires. We are not responsible for damage to private property and we will tow away and impound cars that are obstructing the roads.

There will be traffic police on the way to the festival and there will be undercover narcotics squad members at the festival. LUCKY FISH does not support drug use or abuse in anyway and if you are caught with drugs on you, you will go to jail. Please expect road blocks leading to and from the festival.

Any professional photographers that want to record the event should apply for accreditation by emailing

There may be a small queue at the main gate to start off with as we get everyone in and settled for the big party. We appreciate your help in making this as quick and as painless as possible. The boots of each car needs to be searched and each person needs to be arm banded. It does take a little time. As soon as that process is over, ushers and points-people will help you get to your camp site as quickly as possible. Please help make this experience as hassle free and friendly as possible. Camp sites will be packed in a left to right order, starting at the back and working forward. Please do not try to camp or park haphazardly, we need to fit everyone in.

LUCKY FISH has some very strong safety and security measures in place to take care of you over the weekend. The property is enclosed with electric fencing and patrolled by EPR Security. There are ushers, security guards and points-people throughout the festival, clearly marked in uniform. The local traffic police will assist us in road care. The local narcotics squad members are assisting us with the control of drug abuse. There are medics on site for any injuries that might happen. There are cleaning crews that work throughout the weekend to clean the dustbins and rubbish bags so that you don`t cut yourself on rubbish. There is fresh running water throughout the grounds so that you never dehydrate as well as the ever popular Hydration Station team offering free ice cold purified water all weekend. There is a lost and found section in The Thank Goodness Store so that you can reclaim the things you lost. Please do not bring valuables to the festival.

If you represent a youth orientated brand and would like to test the market with new product, give us a shout on 011 646 6467 or email . We don`t charge for sampling, we simply assess the value to our audience and if it suits the profile and is not in conflict with existing sponsors, you are welcome. We usually do ask for a backstage contribution for our artistes and sports people as well.


SUPER SAVER tickets available from Feb to the end of March at R120 through Computicket.

EARLY BIRD tickets available from April to June at R220 through Computicket.

FULL WEEKEND tickets available from July to opening day at R320 through Computicket.

GATE tickets R350.

Kids under 10 are free but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Group/Bulk tickets of ten and more will be available from July at R250. Group tickets are available from Authentic Ideas only. Should you wish to book tickets for ten or more people, you are able to purchase the tickets at a face value of R250.

Credit cards and debit cards are accepted at an additional 5% charge. These tickets are available on a first come first served basis and the option is available until the 15th of August 2009. Call 011 646 6467 for more information.

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