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This week representatives of the SABC told a parliamentary committee that the organisation owed more than R75 million in royalty payments to composers, singers, musicians and other artists in South Africa. This figure excludes royalties owed to script writers and actors.

The SABC owes SAMRO 14.5 million, SAMPRA R52.7 million and a few million rands more to CAPASSO, AIRCO and RISA.

The broadcaster currently runs eighteen radio stations and TV channels which pay 3.2% royalties for musical content. The SABC last paid royalties in December 2016. They have blamed the delay on cashflow problems and hope to pay artists' royalties by the end of May.

Representatives claimed that the 90% local content program was putting a strain on the organisation. The SABC last received a government bailout in 2009. It is unclear if government will provide a further bailout at this stage.

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