School of Heavy Metal 2009 Review

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Asterixposted on Thursday 13th of August 2009 at 15:19

Agreed! What a crock....

Hahah, I could echo that cheap drugs statement, the English here is terrible. No points for this article Jimmy, right mind to minus points.

Quality before quantity remember!
Again to light is the lack of thorough and exciting journalism in the countries music industry and in the world perhaps... when last have you read a good article?

Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

Jimmyposted on Thursday 13th of August 2009 at 15:05

hahahaha I'm sorry I posted it, no it isn't a great review by any means. You shouldn't get so pissed off about one writer not checking your band out, shit happens, better luck next time sort of thing you know.

Any body know of a better review? I can never find reviews on south african shows, not any good ones it seems.

Guestposted on Thursday 13th of August 2009 at 14:57

Yo yo to all you crazy guys and gals who attended...i'll finish this i stuck around and had the privilage to see what i regard as one of the best new metal acts to grace our stages in CPT...thats right baby...MOMENT OF CLARITY...Awesome show guys...i encourage anyone to see these crazy MFs tear it up!!! well done...To all the other bands you guys put on an amazing show!! oh and to the on cheap drugs or what??

Guestposted on Thursday 13th of August 2009 at 14:51

Hmmm. I'm shocked that such terrible writing gets published.

Guestposted on Thursday 13th of August 2009 at 14:48


In future, please strick around for all the bands..I'm sure there are many folk who would appreciate a comprehensive and well balanced review that reflects the success of the show and the performances of ALL the participating bands.I trust you will implement this practice in future.

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