Tanz Café - Jozi All Stars - 25.02.10

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Tanz Café.. a Bryanstonian version of the Langoustines Restaurant in Durban.
The typically hated genre of music disciplines…. Dinner Theatre.
But wow, even for a partially filled venue, it was so damn cosy and interestingly enough….warm and friendly.
I certainly expected a more Chic atmosphere with a bunch of Snobs and overly critical rich folk and found a totally different feel
As before I was astounded at the transformation of this great band as either the practice or exposure was making a difference for they were really good.
They looked so much more comfortable in their delivery and internal communication that the playing has transformed into… well a professional band.
Seemingly amateur and demure when taking the stage, they improve on almost every note they take and I will be there when they make that one note… that makes them a FAMOUS Jo’burg band that holds true to the diversity that makes this country so interesting, transforming and growing in talent and feel.
The artists consisting of Grant and Ziza on vocals, Waldo on electric violin, Richard on bass Guit, electronic beats on key by Kevin, Dorcus and Pony the dancers. All lyrics and composition are collaborative efforts from ex member Gustavo, Justin, Ziza and Grant.
This band that has been around for almost 2 years has been a band waiting to happen for 13 years as Ziza an accomplished teacher pursuing her masters in music, had been training Grant for all this time before they decided to form this band. With their varied influences in design, business management, music and dance this eclectic band have a true shot at the big time… Hopefully with recession that way they are and cash flow at a minimum, the public can see what they have to offer and actually get off their lazy buts and support local music, especially if it is at the calibre it is here.

Past reviews on http://rockmesa.blogspot.com

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