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Arriving 30 minutes late at this avant-garde venue called Back 2 Basix in Westdene, where I was first introduced to the wide vocal of Chris Chameleon, who hosted a seven band event centred on the most irritating genre that I can tolerate…. Yes you guessed it (if your have been following my writing) they were featuring punk, punk and more bloody PUNK.

But I had to make a plan in seeing all as 2nd Guess’d was playing their new stuff and as you should know I favoured them to win the Thornfest Battle of the bands, so being here was a treat for me.

Sadly I missed the first band as the buggers rocked… as real Punk band with a shit load of blues spewing out of every hole and enough energy to flow into the audience to get them bopping, even if there were minimal patrons at this point.

TV IV Dogs would have played but with what ever the issue internally may have been, they became Fridge Poetry instantly. They consisted of three band members who took the reins in single Vox doubling up on Guit’s, bass and drums. The bluesy feel had a punkish twang yet not enough to even consider a punk orientated let alone associated band. Maybe the only renaissance of punk snuck into their feel during an instrumental play off in their second song.
Loved the tunes from the start with the boys sounding similar to the old band SA e’void, who sadly left our shores for the freezing life of the UK.. Nice to see that there are vocalist out there that can bring their personal feel to the audience in the lyrics, introducing the blues to the masses disguised in the bang of rock. What looked like a struggling start only lasted moments as the drummer and bass, who played the chords with fingered ease convinced me that they were confident in their art.
All their songs had a catchy feel and beat, the only thing was that the guit could have changed the type of reverb for his guit instead of having it sound of a well strummed strummer, yet this did not detract from the talent and dedication they had to their playing….
I would go out of my way to see them again…I may even actually buy one of their cd’s as I particularly enjoyed the vocalist.

My kid Shanon would be pissed right now as by the time the Fridge Poetry concluded their set the venue was already filling up at a fast rate with young sexy boys and girls… but I was warned to “stay away” from the girls here as the punky ones are really weird and are seriously into freaky shit…
**Hmmm, me thinks ‘tis time to expand my horizons…hehe**

2nd Guess’d took the stage and as always hit the mark with their precise hard rock in form of guit’s and excellent drumming performance and “Justified” not only finally got he people on the floor bangin’ but also had the crew performing to the tops as usual…
I have to mention that the lighting rocked and the level of lighting that I have either been forced to suffer through or privileged to watch made the latter prevalent as Vincent made the atmosphere sweet (if rock could actually be that) …particularly with the typical Punk song “Anarchy”, setting the mood over and above the most accessible punk music I have seen to date
“The Answer” and “My Girls a Lesbian” as always played well with the audience, which had by now tripled in the space of 2 songs having the audience chime in time with the lyrics.
“Batman” pushed out the true punk that I can handle… damn this band is gonna go far…
Their new song “cutting tongue” … was punk as expected, delivered with gusto as expected , had great lyrics as expected and got the crowd going… you guessed it… as expected…
They produce a decent listening music that has become, did I already say accessible, well they really are, to the masses and definitely enjoyable to say the least.

I used to think that metal, punk or even the “parent” rock was a messed up genre filled with violence and promoted violent behaviour and people who just had no rhythm enough to dance a simple side to side step; but over the past year have happily been corrected in my assumption. The lyrics though sometime is inaudible and quite frankly fucking scary, really have excellent messages and points (if your can hear them), but the technical skill it takes to play this hard rock deserves respect… and I bow down to all those musician who have fought hard for their love and carry on slogging it out… You go guys.
But I was spot on wrt the dancing…with the only type of dancing one could do was mosh, or just bounce… well … damn you can’t jam as one would do to a dance themed song pushed out by the commercial pop stars… but then again the metals don’t wanna dance like that any way as they listen with their soul.

On taking a breather I come back to find one of the over eager cleaners had not only taken my full drink but also took my water too… little bastard. But the co-owner Celeste, saved the day. Yay!!
This really sexy hostess refilled my drink and made me feel welcome… **there went my temper blown right out the door**… I seriously can recommend coming here chaps; worth the time as her humble beginnings as the manager for the last three years to part owner is pretty cool story. She and her artistic partner Sean bought this little gold mine in August 2009 and took out the “feeding” concept and made it a basically “standing room only” venue for live bands and the appreciative crowns and groupies alike. Nice move guys. Their love of music and the arts have set them on the pace to expand to other cities… I think it will work for their hands on approach rocks… Not to mention she is attractive enough to get a rise out of me and half the male populace. 

Gross Misconduct the typical punk band consisting of the standard 4some of drums by Brad Misconduct, the bass and backing vox taken up by Justin Hiart and 2 guitars Craig Hart, one lead, Mark Misconduct being the lead vox too. The Justin took up the rear in the backing vocals in their raw and hard metal punk band…
Loyal followers seemed to enjoy the beat as much I did… **what … did I say that??? Yeah, yeah I did, so shut up already. hehe**
These guys played “Symphony of Symphony”, a punk and hard punk tune, followed by the “last soul standing” again a punkish song… I say as the shouting double vox’s did bring forward the stereo typical feel.
Then they go and do a cover version… **why oh why do bands feel that they have top cover a song to make themselves wanted enough to be listened to???** Their own work is good enough and thus I won’t even mention the song, no matter how good it was… if they changed the whole angle and delivery then I may have done that, but forget it chaps.
”Black Masks and Gasoline” and “Unforgiven Sky” was dominated by the drumming again and the expressionless Craig and Justin.
“Praise and Antics” a new song took its toll as the Craig Hart’s string busted and he didn’t have a spare.. (good new or not?? Bad planning??) who actually cares as they managed to pull off the what I though was the last song, well enough without him.
“Hydrophobia” took the same bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, as all the songs before and before… I know that the genre depicts that they are to be hard in each one, but to have the same feel over and over, which disappoints me. Perhaps it is my lack of knowledge and appreciation for this style of playing but I heard all I could take and was about to leave the hot floor in search of a cool breeze… However the crowds didn’t seem to think so as the floor screamed their approval..
Then suddenly a change……..after being given the line up, the shits took their own initiative and changed the listing the added another damn cover… Well that killed it for me and I stood up, shook my head at Vincent thumbed my intention of going outside out of the cauldron of heat to smoke a hubbly outside with 2nd Guess’d when they did their final, FINAL song, which hinted of Linkin Park and Killing Benjamin. I appreciated this last song as much as the first few before they photocopied themselves and repeated, repeated, repeated… **see how bloody annoying it was**. At least they ended off in a bang.. Thank you!

Submachine started off with such a bang this song “Fever” with screaming, rocking and oh my god, riffing with ease.
The 5 piece band with all the guit’s, made up of Hugh Davison (Huey Voodoo) on lead vox and guit, Kevin S Flee(Baphomet) on Rythemn & backing vocals and finally Ewald Vorster (Evil D) on Bass and backing vocals. Took my attention to another level… I wasn’t stoned or even drunk and yet they initially managed to rock my boat.
The drummer Pat Riot (Black Noise) was backed up nicely by a fantastic percussionist Storm Thomas ((Storm Awesome) and the lefty Evil D played almost as Good and Jeremy from Nevame.. but not quite… **but dude you come close..**
They had an accompaniment in the form of a dressed up “voodoo priest” jamming to the rocking sounds of “Calling Whispers” and “25 Year” was taken on the shoulders of a reveller on the floor.. Damn their stage presence rocked. The bearded lead guit, sang out the 70’s twang on his stings and the general breakdown allowed for smooth head banging. Very different feel all together… It seems that Submachine and 2nd Guess’d are slowly converting my flavour to the positive…. The floor was now becoming a crowded house scenario and no matter how stinking hot the place was, they were willing to stick it out to see the rest of the bands it appeared.
“Rhythm of Chaos” another hard punk tune was proceeded by an impromptu “tune up” of the guits, and an amazing jam session dominated by the drumming section… shit. They are good and have a place in my soon to be hall of fame of the bestest of the AJ… (that’s me if you dumb asses didn’t know)
“Ring of Fire”, the cover, changed the pace of bang, bang in the punked’ness… and though I normally hate covers… the crowed loved it as the drummers again took centre stage of attention…
“Suburban Murder”, “Hot Ticket” and “Wind Chimes”, started to sound like a minutely tweaked version of themselves, going round and round and round. In fact by the time they played “Jungle Boogie” and “PVBN” continued on the same track, I had lost interest and started to exercise the stereotypical (there I go using long words again.. and for the second time) male in me and started to perve.
I was waiting eagerly for the final BIG finish… the “big bang theory” of the punk world, especially from percussion boy, and nothing happened… Bit disappointed.. but never the less this band rock and don’t mind seeing them again

Hog Hoggidy Hogg took the stage with an impressive Intro that was immediately followed up with a fully band punch in of “Great Escape” and “Can of Worms” which started the crowd whistling and cheering as George Bacon the vox sang out catchy lyrics that had the floor following in unison. The double kicker of Sean Deevy was smooth and smother too with the bass play of Sean Snout. (where the name of the band originated… pretty apt do you not think??)
The “hey, hey, hey” of the chorus break had the unified blowing of trumpeter Lee Lips and trombonists, Ross De Bone as sweet sound in the ear and not the expected blast of hot air. The guitarist Anos Keeto played to a willing audience in their tunes.
I seriously don’t know how to describe this band or even put them in a genre an they seem to borrow from many cultures, genres and damn it, even decades…
Loved the way they put their songs to the crowd. They bounced around on the stage, but more on the delivery, changing, nay, super changing the style; it was well received as the floor was now packed and moving in unison like the undulating waves of an unpredictable ocean.
I even tolerated the “African Sun” style as the lyrics were interesting with the “woyoyoyo” sung in with the whole venue… But normally I detest the reggae, African, black wanna be style that “whities” try do, but the way they mixed in the punk bang, bang and together with the double kicks was cool…. Even in this hot, hot venue.
“Touroupe” was interesting by too punk for me; fast and furious, so musically I have no comment other that is was funny watching the general populace try dance.. no matter how fast they tried to move, they inevitably looked ridiculous… **but in this environment, who gives a shit.**
The popping song of “Trish” was so cute I even started popping while watching the poppers…. Allowing each band member to have their own mini solo.. Almost a big band sound, but one with “gene se cois”
Even though there was a rather unhappy chappie who for some reason after thinking it was a good idea to get on the stage and hug all the members of the band; maybe the alcohol went to his head; decided that the wanted to rather be violent yet Hog Hoggidy Hog still took it in their stride and carrying on and playing their song “Carry on”.
The cover version of Johnny Clegg’s song “Great Heart” was sweetly punked out and was one of the few covers I can tolerate. Great shit guys.
“Flag of Freedom”, “No One Heard” and “Opium for the Masses” were interesting tunes that raced the pulse then slowed it down with the uneven, but well placed breakdowns as in “Sherry Anne” as well… liked it a lot.
Loved the way they started to Creed mixed with Hootie and the Blowfish their tune and transformed into their inimitable Hog Hoggidy Hog style of the song “John & Philippp”.. loved it guys.

What made it even more memorable was when the finale had happened and the stage was being evacuated, my attention was drawn to a rather overly drunk short chappie, who literally couldn’t stand, tried desperately to do so any way. Even more memorable was when he walked… **hehehe, the crab ain’t got nuttin’ in the crazy side stepper**… but wait there is more… the silly bugger actually took a run up so he could cross the floor… it was so funny and though my morbid sense of humour was expecting him to plough into the straggler crowds that were ambling towards the cool outside air.. he thankfully didn’t collide with them.. I still giggle when I think of him..

The featured band from Slovenia, RFPS or Red Five Point Star consisting of Uros Grahek on guit’s and vox, Roso-Janez Vrayanar on Keyboard, Janez Levec on drums, Sony Cevdek on Trumpet, Gal Kukovic on Bugle and finally Gasper Ganter on Bass took stage and from their intro to “Why Don’t” I understand why they mentioned one of their influences, being swing. And even though we could not understand the lyrics in the song
“Far Away”, the beat was catchy enough to negate not enjoying the musicality behind it all.
The serious change in tone of their next song “Under” in the beginning, I though was preparing me for some international punk flair, but sadly they settled into the standard new age punk feel… Not so special as in “Retk”, another copy of the songt before… little originality.
“Contender”, “Besane” and “I’ll Grow” followed shortly after that; as we all know that the punk songs can be short and potent at the greatest of times, but my only disgruntlement is that copy, copy factor that seems to plague all, or should I say, most of the punk bands.. It is almost impossible to see the differences between some songs, other than the lyrics. The main outlying difference here is the keyboardist.
“Midnight” Proved no different as the swing, bluesy and punkish , dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum
“Mad Song” and “Changing” didn’t give me a great taste in my mouth either. Please don’t get me wrong, the whole group played great together, communicated well and are pretty good musicians on all the levels shown here… but, but…yet the but… Still little original from what we are throwing out there with our local is lekker bands
Bloody hell, even in the song “Storm” that started off great, fell into the same dum-dum delivery as the rest; however there was the Caribbean twist that made it more acceptable to this writer. Maybe if I understood what they were saying, I may have been less critical… Forgive my non foreign and linguistically challenged mind but the song “Creatures”, though carrying the guitar solos well and noting that the drums and bass were consistent… the copy syndrome was still prevalent to the point that I got board. So I had nothing to report on their last songs.. Seriously.

Over all the bands for the night were enjoyable, though at time monotonous and irritating. I have to admit that I have a new found respect for the genre that for me is way to … shall I say dum-dum-dum-dum-dum…

Well that was me… signing off… see you guys at the next gig and until then ROCK ON!!!

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