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Charlís influences from music to friends to styles to jobs, all incorporate the kinda stuff that the cool kids are made up of. So after listening to The Wait more often than Iíll admit since its release, my concerns were: Would their other music sound anything like The Wait? Would they perform The Wait as awesomely as the music video had illustrated it? Would they perform their other songs with that same energy?

I knew that if any of those questions answered NOÖ I would be a little disappointed to say the least. So it was not surprising that I had a combination of both excitement and nervousness spinning around in my tummy. Eagerly rushing to the front, we watched as The Olympic took their places on stage and the crowd grew too. And then, as if I had been waiting for it, the disappointment hit!

As The Olympic kicked off their highly awaited set it pained me that I knew none of their other songs and that I didnít know what to expect. However, that selfish disillusioned sensitivity quickly faded as my ears were filled with The Olympicís distinctive sound and my eyes were captured by the high energy performance unveiling in front of us. And then I was consumed by the moment I can now call the first time I heard all their music. Charlís mannerisms on stage compared to the music video were one and the same and his equivalent band members added to the ambiance that I was simply watching a different version of the music video that I had seen just a month or so before for the first time.

It was only because I listened to the first single so often that when The Olympic surprised me by playing The Wait sort of in the middle of their set instead of what I had predicted would be their closing song, I could comfortably hit every beat in my mind, hesitate with every well executed pause and max out to every build up and scream. The Olympicís other material was performed with the same foreseen energy and demanded my unbroken attention while at the same time I wanted to make sure everyone was taking in what I had been. Itís somewhat new and fresh to a certain degree. While some in the crowd thought it may sound like it embraces an American pop rock influence, it is still refined and tuned out with Charlís voice, Freddieís strums, Adriaanís beat and Deonís Ďslapí which in my opinion is not something you can say you have heard before.

The Wait, quite aptly named after having to wait a couple of years while the band worked through some changes in terms of Deon and Adriaan joining, the writing process which had been reconsidered as well as their sound which had been refined, had been performed to nothing less than what I had hoped for.

I noticed with appreciation that their songs arenít over in one quick sing-along chorus. They are songs that scream passion quite literally. An actual full length song that took time and effort and that makes sense Ė comes together in its entirety and makes my music heart oh so happy. Their stage performance might possibly be all I had expected. Not in a predictable way. It just met my expectations and beyond. And then some. The only other thing that I had been disappointed by was the fact that the band had no other songs to play when the encore was demanded. However they made up for it by inviting everyone to the bar for some party vibes.

If making love to your equipment was not frowned upon in 196 different countries ĖI have a feeling that Charl would quite openly do just that. He merges perfectly to his guitar and mic, evident that he is exactly where he should be, while the all-inclusive band moved, jumped, kicked and swayed in likeness and what seemed effortless for them to perform together. I really enjoyed the show and I canít wait to see what awesome moments the future holds for The Olympic! But hey thatís just my opinion.

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