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Perhaps infamous alternative venue "The Purple Turtle" in Cape Town is being brought back to life. This weekend they play host to Red Light in June, The Undefined and upcoming band Labyrinth...

The legendary Purple Turtle is getting back into some serious action. Situated in a prime position on Long Street the bar has been around long enough to become a Cape Town landmark.

For many the Purple Turtle was the cornerstone of eccentricity and culture, hosting a variety of ‘new age’ retailers such as Wildfire tattoo parlour, hemp, vinyl and alternative clothing stores as well as the bar and live rock music niche. In recent years it acquired a seedy reputation and finally, having been taken over by new owners, is under-going renovations...

A representative of the venue says, “The Purple Turtle is an icon. For many years it’s been a place where various cross cultural clientele have met.", "We are opening the doors to everyone and aim to host the best line up of live gigs Cape Town has to offer".

The Turtle is open 7 days a week from 10am 'till 2pm. For more information you can email or call Gareth at 0768932272 / Vic at 0832617837.

The domain should be up soon at which time you'll be able to get event information there. You can view the opening event on Alternative Music at:

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