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Inner Flame Studios and Thornrose Music proudly present:
"The Rock Showdown"

This is not a battle.. it’s a war!
Help us find the next great rock band in South Africa!

How it works:
This is a competition like no other before here in South Africa. For the first time ever, bands will be able to compete fairly in all aspects of their trade, not just on a stage like all the other battle of the bands in the past.
The Rock Showdown will test bands in the rehearsal room, on the stage, in the studio and on radio.

The Audition: The Rehearsal Room.
Bands must submit 1 video of themselves in their Rehearsal space.

The video must have a band introduction, an answer to the question “How do you structure your band practices?” and a run through of the bands favourite song, or favourite section of a song. The video should be under 5 minutes, and the video must be uploaded to YouTube.

Bands will be judged on presentation, professionalism and song writing. Only 20 bands will make it through to the next round.

The Show: The Stage.
The top 20 bands of the previous round will be split into groups of 5 where they will perform 5 songs each at 1 of 4 events to determine who is the best live band of each group.

Bands will be judged on their marketing skills, stage presence, crowd participation, professionalism, song selection, and overall performance.
The winning 4 bands will head into studio to record a professional radio Single.

The Single: In Studio and on Radio.
The top 4 bands of the previous round will head into Inner Flame Studios, Sandton, to record a professional radio singe which will be broadcast on Radio to determine the final 2 bands in the competition.

Bands will be judged on their preparation, choice of song, song writing, individual performances, radio response, and popularity.

The Showdown: Final round.
The final contenders will be set up on 2 stages to fight for the prize at all costs.

Bands will be judged on crowd response, their performance throughout the entire competition, their growth from the previous show, and overall performance.

For rounds 1,2 and 3:
60% will be the panel of music industry professionals. 40% Everyday rock fans from around the country.
For the final round:
60% the fans, 40% the Panel.

The Prize:
The winning band will record an album with one of the top rock producers and engineers in the Country.
They will be signed to a top rock management agency.
They will have their albums pressed and distributed.
Band Merchandise.
A top quality Music Video.
More awesome prizes to be announced weekly!

Rules and Guide lines:
1. This competition is open to bands in all styles of rock and metal.
2. Bands must be Unsigned.
3. Each band must submit a press kit or biography (with photos and contact details)
4. Bands must not have recorded a full length album
5. Bands involved in the competition should document each stage of the competition on video for marketing purposes.
6. Bands should practice targeted marketing like mailing lists and fan sights, unsolicited mass spamming will result in point deductions.
7. Bands are encouraged to have some sort of image.
8. Every member of the band must be relatively tight to a metronome.

For more info please contact and cc

Bands interested in entering must submit their video and press kit before the 25th of May 2009

More prizes and info to be announced soon!

Mary Janeposted on Thursday 14th of May 2009 at 16:05

twould be nice if everyone could afford studio time and studios didn't mind regularly giving away a hours to good projects that can't otherwise record their stuff.

The Jackalposted on Thursday 7th of May 2009 at 12:49

More competitions should use recording time as a prize, it's not substitutional marketing material... every band needs a good quality recording or four!

Asterixposted on Thursday 7th of May 2009 at 12:29

Band submissions are now open:

All you have to do to enter is send us an email to one of the addresses below and we will reply with instructions on what you need to do to enter.

Contact Details:

Enter your band ASAP.

Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

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Ciao for now, keep well.

Kind regards...

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